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RUMOR: Jon Watts in Talks for Unconfirmed Star Wars TV Show

Disney is reportedly targeting Jon Watts to direct a new Star Wars TV series. Watts directed the successful Spider-Man films for the MCU.

Jon Watts Star Wars TV Show
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The content factory that is Disney can NEVER have too much of a good thing. Disney has at least 10 Star Wars TV shows planned over the next few years. One of them, yet to be confirmed by Disney, is allegedly targeting Jon Watts as a director. Discussing Films reports that Disney wants the Spider-Man MCU director for at least one episode of an upcoming series.

1.21 Giga-Watts

Jon Watts is a man in high demand. Watts will direct the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Additionally, he will be writing and directing a thriller movie starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney. In January 2022, he and his wife, Dianne McGunigle, joined the upcoming Final Destination movie as producers. With so much on his plate, it seems likely that the Star Wars is a good ways out. That, or Watts will direct a single episode.

The Mystery Star Wars TV Show

Little is known about the upcoming show. Considering it hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet, that makes sense.

“Star Wars Insider” Bespin Bulletin claims that an upcoming Star Wars show code named Grammar Rodeo is set to begin filming in June of 2022. While that’s a much more aggressive timeline than I laid out above for Jon Watts, it could be the same thing. Honestly, I’m just hoping they are calling the project Grammar Rodeo in homage to the great Simpsons episode ‘Bart on the Road’.

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