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Stroman’s Right, Manfred’s Go To Go

Cubs’ pitcher Marcus Stroman is correct on one simple thing… MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred needs to get far away from baseball.

Marcus Stroman Rob Manfred Tweet
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Another day in 2022, another day that we still don’t have baseball. In fact, the situation is worse than it’s ever been before. After what seemed like a light at the end of the tunnel on Feb. 28, the March 1 deadline came and went without the MLBPA and MLB reaching an agreement on a new CBA. After the deadline passed, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred addressed the media and noted the first two series of the MLB schedule are canceled as of now.

Following the announcement, social media erupted with angered fans, players, and reporters alike. In Manfred’s speech, he did not give anyone any real answers. In fact, he only added more fuel to the fire when claiming the lack of a deal was not a result of a lack of trying.

Newsflash, it was a lack of trying. MLB waited until 10 days ago to truly ramp up the negotiations with the Player’s Association. The league had all winter to sit down for real conversations over a bargaining deal. Instead, they waited, tried to get the players to agree to a less favorable deal for them, and then told the fans that they are the No. 1 priority. That’s all a lie. The owners and Rob Manfred are starting to act like they don’t care about the league and sport that they have control over. Now, they’re ruining the sport.

“Manfred’s Gotta Go”

Enter Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman. “Stro” has never had an issue speaking his mind, no matter who he’s referencing. In this latest saga of players vs. owners, Stroman has been extra critical of Manfred. Today, after the news broke, Stroman took to Twitter to share his displeasure.

It’s short, sweet, and simple. However, it hits and sums up how a majority of the MLB fan base feels. Ever since Rob Manfred took over as commissioner in 2014, the league has suffered. In fact, players have been paid less on average ever since Manfred took office. It feels like the owners like Manfred because he’s trying to rob the players, put more in the owners’ pockets, and apparently provide numerous headaches to the fans who love the sport.

The truth is simple, Manfred is bad for baseball. 2022 marks what might be the third consecutive season of baseball where fans are not in full attendance for 162 games. Baseball played a full season in 2021, but many fans were not allowed back in the ballpark at full force until halfway through the season. 2020 was a complete wash by yielding only 60 games, and now the 2022 season is likely going to feature fewer than 162 games. This has all occurred with Manfred sitting in the commissioner’s office.

The continued lockout could result in another year of wasting talents such as Fernando Tatis Jr., Bryce Harper, Shohei Ohtani, Marcus Stroman, Mike Trout, and so many more elite baseball players. Think about that too. For that reason alone, not to mention all the other garbage, Manfred has to go.

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