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‘The Batman’ Review: Captivating Characters, New Dynamics

The Batman scores a win at the box office and in reviews thanks to strong characters, new dynamics, and a bit of ambiguity.

The Batman Review
Photo: Matt Reeves/Warner Bros.

Admittedly, when I first heard Robert Pattinson was going to be Batman, I couldn’t be less excited. Boy was I wrong, and boy am I glad about it. The Batman was phenomenal. Plain and simple. I think if you take Heath Ledger out of The Dark Knight, there is really no contest for Batman movies. With that being said, let’s dive into some of the elements that made the movie truly incredible.


Strength of Characters

For starters, Robert Pattinson played both parts to perfection. He really owned that gothic, I don’t care, pissed off at the world sort of attitude and shady demeanor Bruce Wayne is more or less meant to during his “9-5.” As Batman, he stood strong with the overall image Batman has always portrayed.

Robert Pattinson in the DC FanDome teaser for ‘The Batman’ | Photo: Warner Bros Pictures/YouTube

Zoe Kravitz absolutely knocked Catwoman out of the park. Her storyline was solid and her action scenes were badass. We get a little bit of a Selina Kyle backstory, which is awesome if you love origin stories as I do. Granted, it’s not much of an origin story, but it’s more than enough to be satisfied with.

Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle and Robert Pattinson as Batman in “The Batman: | Photo: Jonathan Olley/DC Comics

The Riddler was an absolute psychopath. He wasn’t as comically driven as we have seen in other Batman universes. I also enjoyed the presence of the mob in this movie. In Batman movies, you’re always guaranteed a couple of scenes or a small mafia-related sub-story. They really zeroed in on making this about corruption and mob activities. Not a lone sociopath running around the mob-owned city.

Photo: Warner Bros

A nice change of pace for Batman movies, at the end of the day, the general public didn’t fear him. Batman was helping with search and rescue, and an injured pedestrian even clung to him before being airlifted away. Could we see an entirely different Batman in the future?

The Ending and Post-Credits

The ending has me scratching my head. When Riddler is talking to his cell neighbor, the identity is so inconclusive it makes you a little irrationally angry. It could be the Joker because of the laugh; it could be Two-Face due to the way they purposely shadowed half of his face. The general darkness screams Ra’s al Ghul to me. All I know is this looks like sequel paradise, and after posting the numbers it did in its first week, it won’t take long for a green light.

Post-credit scenes are something I wasn’t sure I’d be seeing in the DC universe. I’m a huge Pirates of the Caribbean and Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, so I know to stick around after shows. But I have to say I didn’t see this one coming. In the post-credit scene, you see the Riddlers staple question mark, then for half a second, a URL appears that may look familiar to those that have seen the movie. You type it in, wait for some coding to come and go, and a new cipher or riddle appears on your screen.

I really did love The Batman and I think I will make my way back to the theatre at least once more to see it on the big screen. I highly recommend all of you do so as well. If and when you watch it, hit me up on Twitter (@DaGerbs) and let’s talk about it.

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