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AEW Dynamite Results and Reaction: March 9, 2022

Miss AEW Dynamite this week? Get caught up on all the storylines and action from the March 9 show.

AEW Dynamite
Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Coming off Revolution on Sunday night, AEW continued to bring the intensity with Wednesday night’s installment of Dynamite. Catch up on all the action and storylines from the March 9 show right here.

Chris Jericho Addresses Eddie Kingston

AEW fans have been wondering since Sunday, “How would Jericho respond?” Well, his response started the show. It seemed that everything was smoothed over and he even shook hands with Eddie Kingston. But as soon as everything was good, out came 2point0. They took out Jericho and Kingston, so out came Santana and Ortiz to try to make the save.

But at this time, everything changed. Jericho turned his back on the Inner Circle! Jake Hager even came out and joined in on this turn. They announced that the Inner Circle is dead and they are now the Jericho Appreciation Society.

AEW World Championship Match: Hangman Adam Page (C) vs. Dante Martin

There’s no rest for the World Champion, who took on a different style of challenge in this match. Dante is the youngest person to challenge for the AEW World Championship to date. He got here by ranking as the No. 2 challenger with an impressive 7-1 record in 2022.

The match itself was solid and showcased both athletes. But the winner — and still Champion — Hangman Adam Page closed it with a Buckshot Lariat. Adam Cole showed up after the match to let Page know he isn’t done with him yet.

Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson vs. The Workhorsemen

We all knew who was winning this match, the newly formed team of Moxley and Danielson. And that is exactly what happened.

But what was more important was hearing from their manager, William Regal. He went through all his history in the industry and with the two men in the ring. Regal mentioned that when he found out those two were settling things in the ring and watched it. He found his love for the sport again. So, he had to join in.

PAC vs. Wheeler Yuta

This was announced during the Tag Team match. It was labeled as a standby match due to the world championship match not lasting the entire timeframe. This was a cool adjustment by Tony Khan.

Let’s say this about Wheeler Yuta, he is very good and his future is extremely bright. But this match was in place to help build PAC back up in singles competition. It’s the start of a good thing because PAC is one of the best wrestlers around.

Emergency Board Meeting of the A.H.F.O.

Would this be the moment many wrestling fans were waiting on? The A.H.F.O. was in the ring talking about how they wanted Matt Hardy out of their company. So, Matt and Andrade decided to take a vote. Hardy thought that Private Party wouldn’t turn their back on him, but they did. Matt Hardy was voted out and attacked by the whole group.

The first set of people to come out and try to make the save was Darby Allin and Sting. The numbers were still too much for those two. That was until an all too familiar song echoed throughout the arena as Jeff Hardy made his way to the ring to save his brother!

Wardlow Promo

Now, this was the surprise of the show! Few thought Wardlow was this ready to run a full live in-ring promo. But he did a fantastic job, talking about how he grew up and why he went with MJF. But that is all over now, and he is ready for everything coming his way. Because as he said, “This is Wardlow’s World.”

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: The Acclaimed vs. Jurassic Express (C)

This was an excellent action-packed tag team match with two great young teams. The Acclaimed has been one of the top-ranked teams for weeks now and they got their shot after Jurassic Express just went to war on Sunday. Even after all that, the Champions were able to retain.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa

This match featured the No. 1 contender vs. the No. 2 contender going at it for a chance to challenge for the AEW Women’s World Championship next week. The rise of the heel version of Leyla Hirsch has been enticing, but she isn’t ready for that spotlight yet. Alas, the right woman won this match in Thunder Rosa, who will get a second chance against Britt Baker next week.

TNT Championship Match: Sammy Guevara (C) vs. Scorpio Sky

A battle of numbers here, Scorpio Sky hasn’t lost in singles competition in 364 days. On the other hand, Sammy was going for his 10th successful TNT Championship title defense, which would be a new record for the company. The match featured intense back-and-forth action. Sammy was taped up around the ribs after his crazy trio’s match on Sunday, while Scorpio Sky was fresh. The downfall in this match was when Guevara got a table on a 630 splash. That helped seal the deal for a new TNT Champion in Scorpio Sky!

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