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Halo TV Series Episode 2: Unbound Review

Master Chief is heading in a new direction in the second episode of Halo.

Halo TV Series Paramount+ Master Chief Spartan 117
Photo: Paramount+

After breaking protocol and going rogue in the first episode of the Halo TV series, Master Chief is on the run from the UNSC. He kept the artifact the Covenant is after and is exploring the possibilities it possesses. Where does Chief go from here? Does he have any friends in the universe to help him? Sit down and buckle up, let’s dive into the second episode of Halo: Unbound.

*Warning Major Spoilers Ahead*

Plot Recap

Master Chief and Kwan

This episode begins with a flashback of Master Chief. He sneaks out of a UNSC facility to stop his friend Soren from abandoning the military and the Spartan program. John gives Soren five minutes to get a head start before he alerts the entire base.

Then we see John and Kwan inside the Pelican. She asks him why he did what he did and he responds by saying it’s wrong to let a child get killed. They exit slip-space into an asteroid field and arrive at their destination: Rubble, the unique asteroid city, and Soren’s home. But Master Chief isn’t welcome and sparks almost fly before Soren saves the day.

He takes Chief and Kwan to his home where they meet his family and discuss why John is there. Soren tells John there is one person he wants to talk to about this relic. He brings John to Reth, who was taken aboard a Covenant ship and lived to talk about it. John shows him the relic and he explains what it is.

Halo TV Series Paramount+ Master Chief
Photo: Paramount+

Reth also explains that someone who can activate the artifact is called a Blessed One. John activates the artifact in front of him and it confirms his suspicions. He describes the ring and that it’s a dangerous weapon.

Master Chief then leaves Kwan with Soren and takes off in the Pelican. He turns on the ship’s beacon and the other Spartans find his location to bring him back to Reach.

Upon arrival, John is arrested and Doctor Halsey takes the relic for her own experiments, much to the displeasure of Miranda Keyes. Her department is responsible for Covenant artifacts and Halsey took it right out from under her.

The Covenant and Makee

Meanwhile, in the Covenant’s High Charity, the three Prophets and Makee interview the only Elite to survive the Spartan’s attack. He informs them of the Master Chief stealing the relic and activating it as well. When asked what he saw as the relic activated, the Elite drew a circle in the air stating only: the ring.

Halo TV Series Paramount+ The Covenant
Photo: Paramount+

Makee’s eyes widened as they immediately know what the ring is. She pleads with the Prophets to let her retrieve the relic and she also brings up the dreaded words: The Great Journey.

The UNSC and Planet Reach

Back on planet Reach, the UNSC council discusses the situation on planet Madrigal, where Chief took the relic from. They’ve implemented a new regime there including a partnership with the new leader: Vinsher Grath.

Furthermore, they discuss the Chief and Doctor Halsey’s controversial Cortana program. The council meeting gets tense as they discuss the program and Halsey gets an unexpected assist. She will move forward with the Cortana program and humanity’s next evolution.

Consensus: Paramount+ Is Doing Halo Right

This is exactly what I wanted as a lifelong Halo fan. Anyone who wanted a shot-by-shot remake of the video games is delusional. Furthermore, keeping Master Chief locked behind his helmet with little dialogue is a recipe for disaster for the casual fan tuning in. They’re giving Master Chief more backstory and more humanity in this different Halo story.

Furthermore, Pablo Schreiber does a fantastic job of playing Master Chief. Originally, I wrote that Pablo couldn’t be judged too harshly for playing a character that doesn’t talk. Well, this TV series has surely changed that and it’s absolutely welcome in this environment.

Halo TV series Paramount+ Master Chief Pablo Schreiber
Photo: Paramount+

I’m here for that and so much more. The changes in the story, so far, are done quite well. Putting Halo knowledge and fandom aside makes this show super intriguing. They take enough of the source material and blend it with fresh ideas to keep both new and old fans interested.

That being said, I love the fact that they already introduced The Great Journey, something Halo fans had no clue as to what it was until Halo 2. If they keep the original source material behind this then the show is heading exactly in the direction I wanted it. With certain changes and enough to base on, the overarching story here really is quite exceptional.

Not knowing the exact outcome is what should drive hardcore Halo fans toward this TV series. The corruption within the UNSC and the Doctor Frankenstein-Esque of Halsey is incredibly pulsating. Seeing planet Reach, and knowing what happens to it, is also very poetic. It gives me a Star Wars: Rogue One vibe and it’s unsettling.

Prediction With Potential Spoilers

Now that Master Chief and the Covenant relic are back on planet Reach, it seems only fitting that this causes the fall of Reach. The Covenant will invade the planet in search of the Relic, after Makee fails, thus causing a total collapse.

Halsey will give Master Chief Cortana and task him with getting her off-world. He’ll escape and come across the Halo ring, as seen on the map through the artifact. Master Chief will find the ring but lead the Covenant straight to it. The Great Journey will only be a few steps away at that point and the real Halo story that fans know from the games will begin. Albeit, with a few minor tweaks.

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