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Cubs Going Above and Beyond with Minor League Housing

Cubs ownership is providing state of the art housing for minor leaguers.

Cubs Wrigey Field

Ask anyone who’s ever played minor league baseball about what life was like during the season and it’ll probably include a story about their horrible living situation. From sleeping in cars, to sharing a one room apartment with six other players, to working extra jobs in season to be able to pay rent, most minor league ball players would say the struggle was real. However, with the new owners and players agreement on minor league housing, Chicago Cubs minor leaguers won’t have to worry about that struggle anymore.

With the new Minor League Housing Policy added to the CBA agreement last month, the Cubs are already taking full advantage of it by providing their players with great housing. Minor league pitcher Max Bain seems to be very happy about his new living situation.

According to the deal, the Minor League Housing Policy would provide more than 90% of assigned Minor League players across all levels with housing at each Major League Club’s expense. The “limited exceptions,” as the policy states, would be players with existing Major League Uniform Player Contracts or those scheduled to earn six-figure Minor League salaries over a full season.

The Cubs organization going above and beyond in providing housing for their minor league players is a step in the right direction. With minor leaguers having to endure a long schedule, constant travel on buses, little pay, and the stress of trying to make it to the main roster, it’s great to see the organization finally do the right thing and provide these guys with comfortable places to live during the season.   

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