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Halo TV Series Episode 5: Reckoning Review

It explodes and he evaporates in a cloud of pink dust. It wasn’t meant to be funny but it sure was.

Halo TV Series Paramount+ Master Chief Spartan 117
Photo: Paramount+

After the snooze-fest that was episode four, Paramount+ brings the Halo TV series back to glory with a fiery fifth episode. When we left Master Chief, he and Doctor Halsey were on the planet Eradinus Two in search of the second Covenant artifact. Chief is looking for answers to his incomplete memories of his past. But in doing so, finds something else entirely. Reckoning provides some much-needed action and direction for Halo, so without further ado, let’s dive in.

*Warning Major Spoilers Ahead*

Halo: Reckoning Plot Recap

Halo’s fifth episode centers around the planet Eradinus Two, where the UNSC begins excavating the second artifact Master Chief located. They are trying to find a way to break it out from behind this ultra-strong, glasslike material imprisoning it. Once they use a laser to break it free, it sends out a loud noise deafening everyone nearby.

Captain Keyes brought his daughter Miranda to the planet hoping she could assist with the artifact. But Halsey shuns her away and after Keyes learns how wicked his ex-fling can be, he forcefully removes Miranda from the project.

Master Chief

Master Chief and Kai-125 have a discussion about her removing her emotional control pellet. He hypocritically commands her to sit this one out as she’s compromised. But then, later on, Chief’s new emotions get the better of him and he demands answers. Since Captain Keyes cannot give him answers to his past and Cortana doesn’t seem able to find any files on the Spartans, Chief grabs hold of the new artifact.

The artifact shows his abduction as a child at the hands of Doctor Halsey and he is pissed. He tries to attack Halsey but Cortana takes over and shuts his body down.

Meanwhile, on the planet Madrigal, Makee is searching for the first relic. She and the Elites find the cave in which it was located empty. But when Chief grabs the second artifact, it triggers visions for her and reveals where the UNSC is.

Halo TV Paramount+ Reckoning The Covenant
Photo: Paramount+

As the UNSC work to extract the artifact, the Covenant shows up to wreak havoc and an intense battle ensues. Chief defends the area but the Covenant find the artifact, bring it onto their ship, and leave Eradinus Two. But they drop Makee off in their wake.

Kwan Ha and Soren

Back on planet Madrigal, Kwan Ha and Soren are stuck in the desert as their motorcycle breaks down. Soren handcuffs Kwan to the bike and takes off on foot to find a new vehicle. Kwan finally breaks free of the cuffs and hides from Soren. Once he returns, Kwan electrocutes him and steals his weapon. But she cannot bring herself to pull the trigger.

Consensus: This Is The Halo We Know

Regardless of how anyone feels about the Halo TV series, there is one thing about this episode that is undeniable. The action presented was badass and faithful to the games. The Covenant attacks and Master Chief goes beast mode. He holds nothing back and the fight literally shifts in the UNSC’s favor once he enters the battlegrounds.

We see tons of Banshees flying around, swooping, and shooting. Paramount+ finally brought out the Grunts and the Jackals and they looked fantastic, albeit lightweight enemies the Spartans run right through, per usual.

Halo TV Series Paramount+
Photo: Paramount+

We also finally get to see a Covenant Needler in action and it quite literally made me laugh out loud. A soldier operating the turret on the back of a Warthog gets shot by a Needler and it doesn’t explode. I waited for a second, wondering what was going to happen. Then it explodes and he evaporates in a cloud of pink and purple dust. It wasn’t meant to be funny but it sure was.

Master Chief jumps onto a Banshee and almost takes control of it. But instead, he steers it right into a Covenant Phantom and blows it to hell. Then we see the first Brute and it looks incredible! He’s massive and intimidating, wields what looks like a Gravity Hammer, and gives Master Chief a serious problem.

Halo TV Brute Paramount+ Master Chief Reckoning
Photo: Paramount+

Reckoning is my favorite episode so far and it’s worthy of the Halo we fans adore so much. People tend to forget that this story isn’t canon and nearly everything we’ve seen so far is backstory. Mixing that with new ideas finally comes together in this episode of the Halo TV series and it works.

I’ve enjoyed where this story has taken us so far, even during the boring times. Using the artifacts to find the Halo rings is interesting and fresh. Master Chief is still different than the Spartan we know and love so much but that’s alright as long as he’s pounding the face of Elites into blue goo.


Obviously, Makee is playing a trick on the UNSC. They will take her back to Reach, where they can regroup as a whole. She will infiltrate their ranks and locate the first keystone. This, inevitably, leads to the fall of Reach. It will be different than the Reach from the games and novels, but the planet will fall nonetheless.

I think Makee locates the keystone and steals it. Then the Covenant shows up in full force, attacks the planet, and wipes everyone out. The Covenant will get away with the keystone and now be in possession of both to find the Halo ring.

They’ll escape but not before Master Chief follows along in slip space. They’ll arrive at the Halo ring and then the real story begins.

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