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Halo TV Series Episode 7: Inheritance Review

The seventh episode of the Halo TV series on Paramount+ was without Master Chief and a massive disappointment.

Halo TV Series Paramount+ Master Chief Spartan 117
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The seventh episode of the Halo TV series is entirely dedicated to the one character that no one asked for. Most fans completely disregard Kwan Ha’s storyline and for good reason. The entire story of the planet Madrigal is completely irrelevant to what’s happening in the grand scheme of things. Paramount+ is really starting to irritate us with filler episodes and omitting Master Chief entirely. Can they salvage this?

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

Halo Episode 7: Plot Recap

The majority of this episode takes place on the planet Madrigal. It centers around Kwan Ha and her search for the mystic people her father found. She drives through a sand storm and discovers the mystics.

They inform her there is more to the planet than meets the eye and they give her a hallucinogen to experience it. Kwan sees visions and even “fights” Master Chief before being shown “the portal”.

Whatever this portal does, we haven’t seen yet, but it can’t be anything good.

Meanwhile, Soren escaped Madrigal and made it back to Rubble. He conflicts with his business partner and they discuss a new opportunity. The pirates attack a UNSC cargo ship and steal some high-performance technology. Then Soren has a change of heart.

He makes his way back to Madrigal to assist Kwan. She desperately needs the help because Vinsher’s soldiers are after her. The pair make their way back to the station where the Covenant attacked in the first episode and they fight.

Soren and Kwan win the battle, defeating Vinsher, and Soren leaves with money and a new ship.


What the hell was that? Why did Paramount+ think it was a good idea to have an entire episode of Halo without Master Chief, Cortana, or the Covenant? This makes zero sense and hopefully, this episode was the ending of Kwan Ha’s storyline for season one.

The best part of this entire episode was Kwan Ha finding a plasma grenade on the ground next to a dead Elite. She turns it on, sticks it on the back of Vinsher’s soldier, and blows him sky-high in a giant blue explosion. It sounded good and looked cool, but it wasn’t nearly enough to salvage this dull episode.

It’s incredibly annoying to watch the Halo TV series have serious high points and detrimental low points. The fifth episode was great and included a battle worthy of the Halo games. Then they went back to filler and boring dialogue with a strange execution that really irritated me.

After that, they released an episode without Master Chief entirely and I’m not counting his presence in Kwan’s visions. This episode was bad and if any die-hard Halo fans who’ve done nothing but critique this show are still watching, they probably aren’t anymore.

I don’t understand the desire to take a source material so rich in lore and so beloved by the fanbase and try to recreate it. Paramount+ thinks they can take elements of Halo and sculpt it into their own image and do it better. Spoiler alert: they can’t.

Inheritance was a ridiculous episode and they should be ashamed of putting this garbage in front of the fans. I sincerely hope that episode was only to wrap up the Madrigal storyline and put the focus back on Master Chief finding the Halo ring. If they keep this up, there won’t be anyone left to watch and Halo will be a colossal failure.

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