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Halo TV Series Episode 9: Transcendence Review

They butchered one of the biggest stories in video games and it’s maddening.

Halo TV Series Paramount+ Master Chief Spartan 117
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The finale of the Halo TV series on Paramount+ didn’t exactly wow the audience. The first season has come to a conclusion and was it worth it? The showrunners made so many changes and added extra stories that didn’t really benefit the main plot, so where are we with Halo? Transcendence gives us one last, albeit brief, glimpse of the Halo ring and that’s about as close to canon as we’re going to get.

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

Halo Episode 9 Plot Recap

Following the Spartan’s fight against each other and Makee activating the Keystone, everyone on planet Reach is in disarray. Makee is fleeing with the Keystone and she gets away, while Doctor Halsey attempts to flee as well.

Captain Keyes admits to his role in Halsey’s diabolical plans to kidnap the Spartans as children, proving to Vannak and Riz that what Master Chief is saying to them is the truth. They stop their quarrel and leave to track Makee. But Kai has another idea and she takes off after Halsey.

She destroys Halsey’s ship and kills her assistant. But Halsey gets away in an escape pod. The UNSC finds where she landed, captures her, and Miranda informs her of the punishment she’s about to receive. Then, as she’s having a seizure, Miranda remembers the clones have issues with seizures and realizes this isn’t her mother.

After Makee gets away with the Keystone, Master Chief devises a plan to go after the Covenant planet. Cortana assists him in locating the planet and Silver Team takes off after it. They arrive at the planet, after a turbulent journey, and find the Prophets preparing to activate both Keystones.

A battle ensues to which the Spartans lose. But Cortana takes over Master Chief’s body and saves the day. The four Spartans get on their ship, bringing both Keystones along for the ride, and they leave the Covenant planet. Makee gets killed and Riz is badly wounded.


The season finale of Halo wasn’t terrible but it also wasn’t fantastic. It had some cool moments like Silver Team fighting a group of Brutes and they even introduced Atriox from Halo Infinite. In general, the season ends exactly where it began and for what? The humans have the Keystones that the Covenant desperately wants and neither side knows where the Halo ring is located.

We didn’t get to see the Halo ring besides in visions and the planet Reach is still intact. This feels very underwhelming. Paramount+ had years to make this series and they have so much source material to use as inspiration. That being said, with all of that information, this is the Halo TV series they gave us.

They took one of the biggest stories in video games and turned it into their own butchered version. It’s maddening to watch and it feels very insincere. The Halo show had its ups and downs, but over the course of the season, the quality of storytelling dropped dramatically.

Overall, this show was pretty disappointing in spite of some cool action scenes and solid CGI in certain spots. I hope season two gets monumentally better because if not, season two will be the final season on Paramount+.

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