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On Tap Eats: Guaranteed Rate Field – Horchata Churro Milkshake Bringing The Boys To The Yard

This milkshake is worth the long wait if you’re attending a White Sox game.

Chicago Food Guaranteed Rate Field Horchata Churro Milkshake
Photo: MikeLoweReports/Twitter

For this edition of #OnTapEats, I did a special review from inside Guaranteed Rate Field on Saturday night during the Chicago Cubs’ 5-1 win over the Chicago White Sox. As it turned out for us Sox fans, this may have been the most exciting part of the evening before I went to Cork and Kerry.

Sitting in the 300 section, I got to try the much-ballyhooed “Horchata Churro Milkshake.” Located at the “Sweet Shoppe” in the 300 section, this sweet sensation has quickly become one of the most popular new items on the stadium’s menu this season.

The Horchata Churro Milkshake Is Worth The Wait

You should be prepared to wait in line or get one of these early in the game if possible. I was in line after the fourth inning and they were already running low on supplies. I believe they gave me one of the last of the churros sticks.

The Horchata Churro Milkshake was worth the wait. It’s a delicious cinnamon-flavored milkshake with horchata made at the stadium. It’s topped with whipped cream, a cherry, and a very long churro.

The drink delivered all of the refreshing sweetness of a horchata drink along with the savory smooth ice cream. The churro, which has become a ballpark staple all by itself, is the perfect compliment to this drink.

On the outside, the churro has a crispy and delicious crust topped with cinnamon and sugar. But on the inside, is a nice soft, sweet, and warm dough.

You may initially scoff at the $11 price tag, but relative to the prices in the stadium for other drinks, this isn’t so bad. Plus, you get a lovely Chicago White Sox souvenir milkshake cup as a parting gift.

I’m not sure how many of the new items I’ll get to try this year at Guaranteed Rate but I’m glad I got my hands on this one. This shake will definitely bring the boys to the yard.

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Ralph Law
Ralph Law
2 months ago

Looks good. Would it have even been a dollar back in the day? As a kid – and we came in from Arlington Heights – the Sox were better, and they had better food, double headers at night, a better manager, and better players than the Cubs. A long time ago the poor were on the north side, and the the more affluent were on the south side 20’s and 30’s). My dad had businesses in Skokie and Rock Island, and was friends with Bill Veeck.

Years later, the first time in 1982, I had Bill as a speaker at a software sales kickoff meeting. I was fortunate in that I was able to make those selections multiple times. My list included Bll “Moose” Skowron, and Hall of Fame 49ers lineman Bob St. Clair. I miss those days at all the parks. Everything has changed, and the owners lack the personalities for the same reason everyone does….too up tight, comfortable with a phone or computer keyboard. Yuk!!

This LaRussa guy makes me ill. Do people not realize that he had Hall of Famers with the Oakland As and St. Louis Cardinals. His brain appears to have been eaten by mites. He used to stop at the “Sweet Affair” with Mark McGwire for a coffee and pastry back when they coached and played there. Had Mark come to a high school hitting clinic in disguise.

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