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Our Flag Means Death Renewed By HBO Max

Our Flag Means Death was picked up for a second season by HBO Max.

Our Flag Means Death HBO Max Season 2 Renewed
Photo: HBO Max

For fans of Our Flag Means Death, today is a day that could not come soon enough. HBO Max’s hit pirate series has been renewed for a second season. Our Flag Means Death was created by David Jenkins and stars Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi as the main characters. The show has been a massive streaming success, consistently among the top-streamed new shows every week.

Our Flag Means Death has consistently outpaced mega-properties like the MCU, Star Trek, and Halo, with little more than organic word-of-mouth marketing. Unreal.

The results are beyond impressive, but not shocking when you see how much love the fanbase has. For many, OFMD was one of the first shows to truly show LGBTQ+ characters as real characters, not just a plot point to advance the story. A renewal announcement on the first day of Pride month is certainly no coincidence.

Our Flag Means Death Plot

The show is, effectively, a pirate rom-com. It is loosely based on some historical events. Rhys Darby plays Stede Bonnet and Waititi plays Blackbeard. Both were real pirates who commanded ships in the golden age of piracy.

In the show, the two meet and become co-captains of Bonnet’s ship, ‘Revenge’. The pair grow closer as we get to know the crew around them, how they interact, and their relationships. It lays the framework for major decisions each character has to make by the end of Our Flag Means Death‘s first season.

There is much more to Our Flag Means Death, but to say anything further would ruin the experience of how you latch on to the show.

One of my biggest mistakes was leaving the show off of my ‘What to Watch in 2022‘ preview. I knew the show was coming and I knew who it starred, but I didn’t include it. Idiot.

Fortunately for me, HBO Max is giving me a mulligan to include it for 2023!

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