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Kit Harington Is Back As Jon Snow For Potential ‘Game of Thrones’ Sequel

We know nothing but Jon Snow is potentially back.

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Photo: HBO

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO is in the process of developing a sequel to Game of Thrones. If they do go forth with the project, Kit Harington is in talks to reprise his iconic role as Jon Snow.

This is a somewhat surprising revelation. With the prequel series ‘House of the Dragon‘ and the reported spin-off covering the tales of Dunk and Egg, HBO is certainly taking the source material for a ride. Could they juggle that many shows?

House of the Dragon debuts on August 21, 2022. Considering that show is nearly here, it creates an interesting discussion. How long will the Game of Thrones prequel go on? If HBO is planning a sequel to the hit series, will the shows run parallel to each other in different time periods?

We can ponder it all day but the reality is:

“We know nothing… but Jon Snow”

A Game of Thrones Sequel Is A Hot Commodity

The kicker here is that Kit Harington is planning to be involved. Whatever the case may be and however long they choose to present it, we’re getting more. A Game of Thrones sequel is so heavily desired by those who felt HBO rushed the final season. That, of course, did a disservice to what was such an intense, global phenomenon.

Perhaps this is a byproduct of George R. R. Martin not finishing the novels. Martin is a notoriously slow writer and the fifth season of Game of Thrones caught up to where he left off.

If Martin cannot finish the novels, then maybe contributing to a Game of Thrones sequel could be his way of providing more for the hardcore fans of an even more hardcore community.

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