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The Media Wanting The Bears To Fail Is Asinine

Hoping for mediocrity is a ridiculous assumption.

Chicago Bears Matt Eberflus press conference
Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t expect to hear members of the Chicago media assuming the Bears will fail in 2022. Why is this the case? Is it simply because they have a new regime? Do people really predict failure in Matt Eberflus’ first year with an organization? Is Luke Getsy a bad coordinator? Did Ryan Poles draft poorly? The truth is we don’t know yet.

All Smiles At Halas Hall

The difference between the current Chicago Bears team and last year’s team is their presence. The team is visibly happier and certain players like Darnell Mooney have come out and said how much better it is.

Seeing the players’ expressions during the summer practices at Halas Hall is completely different than it was under head coach Matt Nagy. The players are more organized than they were from 2018 to 2021. They have an actual direction now, allegedly.

Do the Chicago Bears have the capacity to challenge the NFC North? Probably not, but why then would the media want the Bears to fail? If true, it’s a sign of incompetency. But I don’t believe that is the case.

A Good Bears Team Creates A Chicago Family

It doesn’t make much sense to assume the media in Chicago actually wants the Bears to fail. How does that help them? If the Bears are bad, how many people are tuning in to the postgame shows or the actual games?

If they’re really that awful, how many people will continue to watch them as their season crumbles? Only the die-hard fans will keep watching in that scenario.

The media in Chicago wants the Bears to do well so more people are engaged with the team. If people enjoy watching the team and have hope, which we don’t often have as Bears fans, then they crave more.

Fans seek Bears content. They bleed navy blue and orange. They want a competitive team and the better the Bears are, the more fans get involved.

Michael Allardyce of NBC Sports Chicago made a fantastic point:

The last few weeks of the 2018 NFL season weren’t too long ago. Do you remember what it was like? The city of Chicago was buzzing about the Bears riding a great defense to a 12-4 record.

We had a legitimate surprise at the success of that team. There were Bears jerseys everywhere you went and Khalil Mack made a huge impact on those sales. Clearly, the good team created an environment that made fans more interactive.

Based on the graph picture above, the Chicago media definitely doesn’t want the Bears to fail. If the team is good, fans are proud and they dive further into the team than when they stink. The point is that following a good team leads to more interaction.

Assuming the media hopes for ineptitude is a sign of incompetency and just plain trolling. As a Chicago Bears fan, you should not anticipate anything different. If you actively want the team to be bad, other than at the tail-end of a terrible season and fighting for draft positioning, can you even call yourself a fan?

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