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Amid Low Expectations For 2022, The Bears Are Moving Forward With Arlington Park

The Bears made another step forward in the acquisition of Arlington Park.

Chicago Bears Arlington Park
Photo: ABC7 Chicago

The Chicago Bears have a vision, even if no one knows exactly what it entails. But the property at Arlington Park is a focal point for a lot of discussions. Many are predicting the Bears will be one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2022. Despite the notion that Chicago won’t win more than six games this year, the McCaskey family has Halas Hall running on all cylinders.

The Chicago Bears Taking Over Arlington Park

Over the last year, a lot of talks have been surrounding the Chicago Bears moving to Arlington Heights. Some people are heavily in favor of the idea, citing the poor quality of Soldier Field and its lack of modern amenities. What could a new, modern, and luxurious Chicago Bears stadium look like? The ideas are endless!

Others like Mike Ditka, think it’s a terrible idea and the Bears belong on the lakefront. But the fact remains that the potential around the project at Arlington Park is far too enticing for the Chicago Bears and the McCaskey family. It’s a very attractive site and with a lot of grounds to make money, why shouldn’t they look at it?

That’s exactly what they’re doing now as they’ve placed a bid on the property, hired an architect, and are putting money down for studies at Arlington Park. When the sale is completely finalized is still in question. We may still be sifting through the smoke of news for another year or more.

Furthermore, if and when the acquisition is complete, the Bears likely won’t set foot in the Arlington Park property for several years after that. But if the Bears do finalize this deal and leave Soldier Field, it will make their new stadium the Mecca of professional football in the midwest.

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1 month ago

Moving to Arlington Heights is a great idea! They should have moved 20 years when da Bears made a disastrous decision in building that smallish 61,000 seat monstrosity on top of the old soldier Field! Light foot and the Dims have ruined the city, no one wants to go into the city.

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