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Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2: The Five Characters Most Likely to Die

Ahead of the final of episodes of Stranger Things Season 4, we explore the characters most likely to meet their demise.

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Release Date
Photo: Netflix

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 is practically here. It will be two episodes, but it has a runtime of almost four hours. Part 1 set up for a big battle to come. As we know with battles, there are always going to be casualties. Below are my predictions for the five characters who are the most likely to die in the season finale.

Spoiler Warning. While everything listed below is a theory, if correct it would be a spoiler.

Stranger Things Characters Who Are Safe

There are a number of characters who I think have bulletproof plot armor. With the exception of Billy in Season 3, every character with a deep connection to the Upside-Down has been safe. By that logic, Eleven, Will, Max, and now Nancy will all make it. As I mentioned in my last theory, Nancy is basically Ripley now, so she will be a killer, not a killee.

Nancy firing a shotgun in Stranger Things Season 4 part 2 trailer
Photo: Netflix

Mike feels like a lock to make it through, mostly because at this point he’s too annoying to die. Hopper and Joyce feel safe too. Not everyone trying to get out of Russia will be so lucky though…

Honorable Mentions

  • Jonathan Byers
  • Eddie Munson

These gents will find themselves in moments of grave danger. That said, I don’t see them dying. Jonathan’s got himself a redemption arc to live out. Meanwhile, Eddie is being set up perfectly to be the new Steve should anything happen to him. PS, something very much will happen to Steve!

Stranger Things Characters Most Likely to Die

#5 – Argyle

Argyle was a terrific addition to the cast for Season 4 of Stranger Things. He provided great comedic relief and his role as a getaway driver in a pizza delivery van is perfect. He is effectively Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In Fast Times, Spicoli was hero-adjacent when Brad stopped the burglary. Our sweet Argyle may well do the same as the crew is going to put them in major danger.

In the trailer for Part 2, we saw Jonathan and Will crying and embracing each other. I believe the creators wanted us to think it was over Nancy, but it could easily be Argyle who they are mourning.

#4 – Lucas Sinclair

Sacrifice in the name of love is going to be a common theme. As such, that puts our basketball star in jeopardy. With Max so deeply connected to Vecna and The Upside-Down, her life is going to be on the line. Stranger Things may have already foreshadowed this in the first episode of Season 4. With Lucas playing the basketball game, Dustin and Mike needed a replacement for him at their D&D game. The boys turned to Lucas’ younger sister, Erica, who juuuuust so happened to roll a 20 to defeat Vecna. Very interesting indeed.

#3 – Dr. Brenner

The shady doctor made his “surprise” return in Season 4 of Stranger Things. I’ve got it in quotes because I don’t think many people thought he was actually dead. Pretty simple rules, if you don’t see the body/death, it didn’t happen.

Now that he’s helping unleash Eleven’s full potential, I think he’s going to end up firmly in her crosshairs. Eleven will get her powers back and then some, and see the danger her friends are in. Dr. Brenner will be himself, a selfish asshole, and try to keep her. She will escape and finish the job that Henry Creel/001/Peter Ballard/Vecna started.

#2 – Murray Bauman

Murray is a nearly perfect character. A lot of that derives from the performance of Brett Gelman. He got to be the hero in getting himself and Joyce into Russia and subsequently busting Hopper out of the gulag. He flashed his linguistic talents by speaking Russian and impersonating Yuri. And who could forget him applying his black belt karate skills taking out Yuri and eventually a slew of Russian soldiers!? He’s had his hero moment.

You know someone has to die for them to escape back to Hawkins. I can’t imagine that it would be Hopper or Joyce either. R.I.P., Murray.

#1 – Steve “The Hair” Harrington

I went pretty in-depth on why I thought Stranger Things was hinting at Steve’s death within its trailer. His true feelings for Nancy have never dwindled. Now that she’s trapped in The Upside-Down with Vecna, Steve’s going to be leading the charge to save her, and it is going to cost him dearly. As I mentioned above, Eddie is a natural replacement for Steve. To me, everything is lining up for a heart-wrenching death of everyone’s favorite babysitter/hair icon/human punching bag. You will be dearly missed, prince.

Stranger Things season four part two releases on July 1, 2022, on Netflix. Don’t forget your tissues.

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