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Billy Donovan Comments On Lonzo Ball and Goran Dragic

Is Billy Donovan pleased with Ball’s injury progress?

Billy Donovan Chicago Bulls Head Coach
Photo: Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan answered some questions on EPSN2 today. Donovan was asked about Lonzo Ball and how he is progressing after knee surgery. He was also asked about Goran Dragic and what he can bring to the team.

“Highly competitive. Been in the league for a long time. Really, really smart. Gives you a level of experience. He has been in a lot of big games.”

Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan on Goran Dragic

First off, Donovan praises Dragic. He praised his longevity in the league and his basketball IQ. He commented on how Dragic has been a part of big games and he brings a high level of experience to the team.

Billy Donovan On Lonzo Ball

Secondly, Billy Donovan said that Lonzo Ball is making steady progress in his rehab from knee surgery. However, he would go on to say he wished the healing process was “faster”. Lonzo has been out of action since January. There were rumors he could return in time for the playoffs, but that never came to fruition.

What Do Donovan’s Quotes Mean?

A popular opinion among many Bulls fans states that Goran Dragic was brought in because of Ball’s injury. Though Dragic isn’t a young pup anymore, he has played in big games and he has been a leader out on the court. Ball hasn’t progressed how the Chicago Bulls would have hoped after the injury. That has to be a giant red flag to the Bulls’ brass.

If Ball isn’t ready to play, Dragic could be a key cog in the Bull’s machine. As enjoyable as watching Dragic throughout the years has been, at this stage of his career, it’s unknown if he can bring what Ball did in his 35 games with the Bulls. This situation is concerning, to say the least.

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Chi Town
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Chicago teams suck.

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