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Better Call Saul: Point and Shoot Review and Reaction

Better Call Saul Seson 6 Episode 8 got the final stretch of episodes started off in a big way

better call saul season 6 Lalo has Jimmy and Kim held captive
Photo: AMC/Sony Pictures

The second, and final, part of Season 6 of AMC’s Better Call Saul has finally arrived, and boy is it a doozy of a first episode. Season 6 Part 1 ended on a cliffhanger with Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler in dire straits. The new big bad Lalo Salamanca surprised our lawyer couple and an intoxicated Howard Hamlin. Howard wound up with a bullet in the head. And we got to wait six weeks to find out what came next. Today, we learned that the suspense was not over.

Better Call Saul S06E08 Review

The Cold Open

We are treated to the usual beautiful photography we’ve come to expect from the world of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. There is a serene-looking body of water, with a shoe drifting in and out with the gently crashing waves. As the camera pans out we see the shoe’s mate, and a familiar Jaguar with a “NAMAST3” license plate. Atop the center of the dashboard is a wedding ring resting in the middle of a wallet.

We now know where Howard Hamlin lies. Or rather, where someone wants everyone to believe he was.

Lalo Salamanca – Super Genius

Back at the McGill apartment, Lalo begins to unfurl his plan. He wants Jimmy to drive to a destination he has written down on a piece of paper. Jimmy is to take a revolver and a camera out of the glove box. Next, Jimmy was instructed to knock on the front door of said destination, empty the clip in the person who answered, and take photos to prove the job was done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You just have to walk up and murder Gus Fring.

The parallels between Jimmy’s instructions and Jesse’s instructions in Breaking Bad‘s third season were PERFECT for anyone who predicted Jimmy IS Jesse. Until it wasn’t.

kim wexler better call saul season 6 theory walter white breaking bad
Photo: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures

That’s because Jimmy convinced Lalo that Kim should go in his stead. Lalo reluctantly agrees. Jimmy wants Kim to make a run for it, willing to sacrifice himself. Kim proceeds with the plan before Mike steps in.

From there, we learn that Lalo is out here making Mike and Gus’s security look like fools. He figured anyone making an attempt on Gus would end up dead/caught, and the crew would descend upon them. Lalo was right.

As soon as Mike realizes Lalo fooled them into lockdown security at the Fring house, he moved everyone to Jimmy’s place to right the wrong. Just like Lalo wanted. The second Kim left to murder Gus, Lalo made his way to the laundromat and broke in immediately. Dude was out here playing Wizard’s Chess on everyone. Except maybe Gus.

The Battle at the Laundromat

Gus speaks to Kim for only a few seconds. When she says that Jimmy convinced Lalo to do anything at all, he knew something more was up. He grabs security and heads to the future home of the world’s greatest meth lab. The security team failed to identify where Lalo had broken in. Just as Gus pieced that together, Lalo opened fire and wiped out the entire security detail. With a handgun. Savage.

Lalo busts out his camcorder to document Gus showing him around the lab space. Lalo needs the proof to show Don Eladio to get away with killing Fring. Lalo would have made such an incredible social media influencer the way he walked around filming and recording everything Gus had done in secret.

Gus is finally able to make his own move, though. During his final message to Don Eladio, Gus kicks out the lights and makes a mad dash for a hidden gun. In the darkness, we hear shots ring out. Gus is able to turn some lights back on and make his way over to Lalo laying on the ground, bleeding out from the neck. Gus took some bullets as well. Having body armor on has its perks.

Wrapping Up Howard Hamlin on Better Call Saul

The episode concludes with Mike in full fixer mode. He’s got the crew cleaning up Howard’s body to get rid of it.

The plan is simple. They are taking his car and some belongings out to a body of water a few states away. They will leave that there, sprinkle some coke in the car, and everyone will think he committed suicide. Easy to believe when that very same day Jimmy and Kim had made the entire legal community assume Howard was a massive cokehead. It’s clear that Jimmy and Kim are beyond rattled.

We then see Tyrus clearing out space in the dirt floor of the future meth lab to bury some bodies. The crew tosses Lalo into the grave, but Mike stops them before they can grab Howard. He grabs…Howard’s wallet, wedding ring, and shoes. They ultimately toss Howard in the hole and proceed to fill it. Lalo AND Howard were underneath Walt and Jesse’s feet the entire time. Bananas.

Better Call Saul S06E08 Reaction

So much went down. We got resolution for Howard. An awful one, but that had been Howard’s diet the last few seasons.

Lalo’s master plan was so perfect. He played everything right. Every maneuver he made was on the money. I knew that he had to die at some point, I just wanted to see more of Tony Dalton this season. I absolutely loved how this was yet another episode where the title was intertwined with the events unfolding on screen. All the talk of cameras and revolvers at the beginning completely masking that the final showdown was going to be Gus and Lalo in the dark literally pointing and shooting. Utter brilliance.

This should help set the timeline into and then post-Breaking Bad a bit quicker. I also think that this quick death lays credence to Jimmy thinking Lalo was still alive in Breaking Bad. He thought Lalo was dead until he showed up and murdered Howard out of nowhere. Then the next morning, the people who told him Lalo was dead the first time said he was really dead. Easy to not trust that. Better Call Saul Season 6 is going to be crazy, so buckle up.

Crazy Better Call Saul Theory to Leave You With

Howard and Lalo are under the subflooring of the meth lab that Walt and Jesse burned to the ground in Breaking Bad Season 4. What if the their bodies are discovered, and it gets the cops and the cartel on Jimmy??

Is it likely, no. But if you’ve been following along at home, I make a lot of predictions. And they are wrong a lot of the time.

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