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Bears CB Kyler Gordon: Dancer, Martial Artist, Baller

He could have become a kung fu master, kind of, but instead chose football.

Chicago Bears Kyler Gordon YouTube Meet The Rookies
Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

The Chicago Bears released a series of videos on their YouTube channel titled “Meet the Rookies”. Early Thursday morning, they released a video dedicated to newly acquired cornerback, Kyler Gordon. The Bears selected Gordon 39th overall in the 2022 NFL Draft and he has a lot of fans hyped up to see him in action.

Who Is Kyler Gordon?

Gordon’s mother begins the segment by describing how Kyler was as a child. He was always moving and was extremely intelligent. She learned early on that she had to put Kyler into different activities to keep him stimulated and he thrived in each one of them.

Gordon went through dance, football, basketball, baseball, swimming, gymnastics, and various forms of martial arts.

“The natural talent was through the roof. There’s something about that kid man, that other kids just didn’t have it. They didn’t have the energy. I think it was the belief. He believed he could do anything. You’d ask him to do it and he’d never… I don’t know… I’m not sure, he’d just do it every time.”

Kyler Gordon’s former martial arts instructor Carlton Doup


Gordon’s Versatility and Athleticism

Kyler not only spent time learning martial arts but also competing on a dance team. Mixing dance with gymnastics, martial arts, and having a gymnastics coach for a mother, made Kyler Gordon have superb athleticism.

But he needed more from his activities. Dance and kung fu were getting old to him. Then his father, Bernard, stepped in and started throwing him a football.

“He needed something that was moving faster than dance or kung fu… it has to be moving fast for him. We tried baseball, he was chasing butterflies it was so slow. When football came around, it was on.”

Bernard Gordon

Kyler Gordon thrived in everything he had done at this point in his life. When he began playing football, he took it to the next level. He showed a level of skill playing football that exceeded expectations.

“I kind of had this unique perspective of getting to coach him in eighth grade and then also all four years while he was in high school… Even in eighth grade when he was one of the littler guys on the team, you could tell that he was different. Just the way that he moved, he’s just pure athleticism and explosiveness.”

Kyler Gordon’s high school football coach Josh Jansen

Kyler Gordon is the embodiment of athletic ability. The Chicago Bears clearly saw this in him when they drafted him 39th overall. For a team in desperate need of cornerback help, they seem to have found the perfect piece to fit the puzzle that comes with a new regime.

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