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Mayor Lightfoot’s Bizzare Comments On The Bears Won’t Stop Arlington Heights Move

Mayor Lightfoot has unveiled 3 proposals for Soldier Field renovations, but a few choice comments stood out most.

Lori Lightfoot Chicago Bears Soldier Field Press Conference

On Monday afternoon, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot held a press conference regarding Soldier Field and its future. The Mayor proposed three options that would see the historic stadium undergo a renovation to help modernize it.

Of course, that did not stop her from voicing her displeasure over the Bears possibly moving to Arlington Heights. In fact, her last-ditch efforts to keep the team in the city include a weird flex and some other odd comments.

Last Communication With The Bears

The Mayor claims her last interaction with the Bears was approximately two weeks ago, in which she spoke directly to George McCaskey. Her pleads included trying to persuade McCaskey that it makes no sense to have the Bears play anywhere but in the city of Chicago.

Two Teams in Chicago?

However, during her press conference, the Mayor made somewhat of a bold move. She seemed to hint at another team coming to play at Soldier Field, thus indicating that the Bears might be on the way out and Chicago could be bidding for a replacement occupant at the stadium.

On one hand, it doesn’t make sense if the Bears played anywhere but in Chicago. But on the other, if the Bears did move to the suburbs, “plenty of cities have two NFL teams.”

The message from the Mayor’s office is quite conflicting.

Bears Fans Won’t Follow The Team?

Apparently, Mayor Lightfoot thinks Bears fans won’t follow the team to the suburbs, which is an outrageous statement.

If anything, Bears fans are overly loyal to their team. They live and die with the Monsters of the Midway. They travel extremely well, packing rival opponents’ stadiums and making the trek to overseas to games in London. Imagine thinking they won’t travel 45 minutes to an hour to Arlington Heights…

It’s possible she doesn’t have her finger on the pulse on who Bears fans are and what they do.


It’s fairly clear what’s going on here. Mayor Lightfoot is desperate to retain the Chicago Bears and keep them at Soldier Field. Imagine being the Mayor that lost the Bears.

As far as the tactics go, enticing them by adding a dome and sprucing up the surrounding area is an option. Lightfoot is even going as far as trying to spin this narrative and make bizarre statements that Bears’ fans wouldn’t follow the team or that the city could pursue a second NFL franchise.

The renovated stadium, empty threats, and emotional blackmail won’t be sufficient enough to retain the Bears. They’ve already done this song and dance back in the early 2000s. Their current home opened in 2003 following a two-year renovation. This isn’t the issue anymore.

The fact of the matter is that Bears do not control Soldier Field nor the land they play on. It seems the team wants that control and moving to Arlington Heights allows them to gain it. Thus, simply renovating Soldier Field (again) and putting a dome over it still does not resolve the core issue.

As for the Mayor and the city, it may be too little and too late. The Bears are very serious about this move. Lori Lightfoot’s press conference and proposal probably don’t move the needle. Of course, in an ideal world, the McCaskeys probably would love to stay on the lakefront. However, it does not seem feasible given the revenue and autonomy opportunities in Arlington Heights. But the Mayor seemingly believes the issues are just about a fancy, modern-looking stadium. It’s pretty superficial.

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