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A Cub Fan’s Reactions to Willson Contreras Trade Rumors, Lack of Extension Talks

Understandably, Cubs fans are upset and voicing their opinions on social media about the state of the team.

Tom Ricketts Chicago Cubs Owner
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The news today about the Chicago Cubs not engaging in significant contract extension talks with Willson Contreras since 2017 led to a monsoon of thoughts and outrage among the fan base. The anger has been boiling over all season.

While the situation certainly sucks and is a testament to the Cubs’ lack of loyalty, don’t forget that former President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein left the team after 2020. Contreras isn’t the first Cubs player not to receive treatment of this ilk regarding a potential extension. Current President of Baseball Operations, Jed Hoyer, was left with crucial decisions to make in 2021 and beyond.

You could look at this situation in many different ways. So, I went ahead and did just that by sharing some thoughts and reactions to the Cubs’ current state. Here are 30 reactions or ways you might be feeling right now (these are not in exact order).

1. Theo knew what needed to happen and dipped out before it did.

2. Theo was just as involved in the lack of loyalty to a certain degree as Jed Hoyer, Tom Ricketts, etc.

3. All of the above.

4. Theo got us a World Series. How dare you question him.

5. Theo only knew what needed to happen last year. He would’ve extended Contreras and Ian Happ now.

6. I put all the blame on Jed because he’s the one pulling the trigger now.

7. Jed should’ve changed his direction after last year’s deadline.

8. You can never have enough depth in the farm system.

9. You can build a winning roster in multiple ways. An offensive catcher doesn’t NEED to be the way. See the Yankees, Astros, (and Mets right now).

10. Willy is a leader and a good mentor, not just an offensive catcher.

11. Tom Ricketts is a cheap fuck. He knew what the rough cost would be.

12. Everything will suck for years and years because I’m extremely sad.

13. At least see what the guy wants NOW, IN THE PRESENT TIME. Have a conversation.

14. Jed knows what he wants to do and who he will be targeting.

15. The front office has no clue how to do their job. I know better. That’s why I’m on my couch typing tweets.

16. It’s not about winning. It’s about loyalty.

17. Willson helps you win! Trading him makes no sense.

18. Why can’t any piece of the old core be a part of the rebuild?

19. Is it a rebuild? I know it’s a rebuild, but the Cubs won’t tell us! Just tell us.

20. You rebuilt the farm system last year. Now extend players.

21. The Cubs don’t want to win. They only want our money.

22. I’m thankful. I’m sad. But I get it.

23. I’m thankful. I’m sad. I also don’t get it.

24. I’m never going to another Cubs game again.

25. Everything is fine.

26. Things are somewhere in between.

27. The front office is making some good moves and some mistakes.

28. There are zero supporting reasons to think they’ll ever get this team back on track.

29. I’ll wait to judge (Aaron Judge?) until I see the returns and what Jed does in the offseason.

30. Joey, STFU #JoeyKnowsNothin 

I found typing this all out to be therapeutic. I highly recommend giving this experiment a try by Tweeting me thought number 31: @JoeyKnowsNothin Also, follow along with the podcast over at @CubbiesOnTap as we navigate what will be another painful trade deadline.

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