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Beer Review: King’s Calling Brewing Company – Trop Hop Beachy Wheat Ale

Sitting at 4.5% ABV, this tropical wheat ale has a solid balance of hops and taste.

Trop Hop Beachy Wheat Ale
Photo: Joey Ricotta

My girlfriend recently went on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Upon her return, she greeted me with a new beer that I’ve never tasted before. Of course, I made sure she brought back some of my all-time favorite Yuengling because Indiana is the closest place you can buy it as an Illinois resident. Along with Yuengling, one of the beers she returned with was a King’s Calling Brewing Company special, Trop Hop Beachy Wheat Ale.

As you might know, King’s Calling Brewing Company was created and made famous by reality TV star Austen Kroll of Southern Charm, featured on Bravo. Working alongside Catawba Valley Brewing Company, this beer is brewed and canned out of Charleston, South Carolina, and Morganton, North Carolina.

The can’s artwork is exquisite with the stingrays and water on it, truly giving the beer a “day at the beach” vibe. The artwork was done by Carolinas artist Adam Lynch.

The Experience

Popping the top on this can, you smell a citrusy, orange aroma. It’s a fruit-infused tropical wheat ale IPA with a lighter-colored body. The taste is mildly sweet with enough kick and hops to avoid giving me heartburn. At 4.5% IBV, it’s not overbearing by any means. I could smash tons of these while on a boat ride or playing bags (cornhole for you non-Midwesterners) in the backyard.

As my girlfriend put it to me, it’s a very drinkable beer for someone who doesn’t like too much bitterness, often equated to hoppy beer. On the side of the can, it even says, “this follow-up Trop Hop release is crafted to be just as approachable as the original. Enjoy!”

It’s Friday, so many of you already started weekend festivities yesterday. Still, I figured today was a good day to drop a beer review on your head. Although you can’t buy the beer here in Illinois, if you make your way out to South Carolina, North Carolina, or Florida, I recommend giving it a try. #CrackUm

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