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Mitch Trubisky Opens Up On How Bears Misused Him

Trubisky recently discussed some of his past NFL experiences as he approaches a new challenge with the Steelers.

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Chicago Bears’ fans are well aware of the struggles of Mitch Trubisky. After a full season away from the team and now finding a new home in Pittsburgh, he is finally opening up about his time with this organization.

For the last year, Trubisky was fairly quiet and studied up while backing up Josh Allen in Buffalo. But now he is ready for a true second shot and isn’t staying quiet anymore.

Trubisky will be in a battle for the starting quarterback job with the Steelers. He recently discussed some of his past NFL experiences as he approaches his new challenge.

“In Chicago, they wanted me to play the coaches’ game. Call it whatever you will, that’s just how it felt to me,” Trubisky told Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.

His comments are clearly directed at former Bears’ coach Matt Nagy and the surrounding regime. And they don’t really come as much of a surprise.

For years, it seemed Trubisky’s play style was being underutilized due to an erratic and ineffective offensive scheme employed by Nagy. Now, the former Bears’ signal-caller has confirmed that notion.

“Even if you got a completion [in Chicago], I felt like sometimes it wasn’t necessarily what the coach wanted. They put you in a box a little bit more than you wanted to be, and I think that restricts you as a player,” Trubisky added.

It once again begs the question Bears fans had been asking for years: why take away what a player is best at? Doing so is only setting up that player for failure, which is exactly what happened with Trubisky in Chicago.

Will the 2022 season be a time of resurrection for Mitch Trubisky? Only time will tell. But the former second-overall pick clearly feels less restricted after departing the Chicago Bears.

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5 days ago

Move on a quit living in the past!

5 days ago

I couldn’t agree more. Mitch is absolutely right. I hope Nagy and the Bears didn’t ruin him as they have others.

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