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1920 Football Drive: Episode Three

The third episode of "1920 Football Drive" provides a conclusion to the Bears QB competition and dives into the challenges of evaluating a roster with new COVID-19 protocols.
Chicago Bears 1920 Football Drive YouTube

Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

On Tuesday night, the Chicago Bears released the third installment of 1920 Football Drive. This episode will, presumably, be the final one before the team kicks off their 2020 season on Sunday in Detroit.

Episode Three Rundown

The episode starts with the NFL world reacting to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. This leads to the response by the Chicago Bears and includes the announcement of them canceling practice in a moment of solidarity. After that, Josh Woods, Danny Trevathan, Charles Leno, and Jimmy Graham giving their thoughts, opinions, and feelings on the issue of racial injustice.

Jeff Joniak echoes the sentiment perfectly when he transitions from that very real opening segment into the next one.

"Focusing on football can be a challenge in these turbulent times. And now head coach Matt Nagy must attempt to regain the tempo of a training camp that's been anything but normal."

- Jeff Joniak

Matt Nagy appears on a video conference with a few coaches and others planning the Soldier Field scrimmage. They go through the details of the gameday procedures and what will take place for the scrimmage once at Soldier Field. They also cover the logistics of the travel to and from the stadium and maintaining proper social distancing protocols, which include wearing masks on the buses. Ryan Pace makes a cameo to explain how the decibel levels of the music and the artificial crowd noise will differ.

In this installment of 1920 Football Drive mic'd up, Arlington Heights native, Cole Kmet is the featured player. Kmet is seen and heard horsing around with teammates and coaches. He seems like just another Bear with a fun personality. The rookie tight end also gets a hard time from a few guys, including Mitchell Trubisky, for having the ball slip out of his hands when trying to spike it as a touchdown celebration. In a cool moment, Kmet even gives his teammates a chance to speak into his mic. While a couple of them pass, two teammates take the opportunity to shoutout their moms. How sweet of them!

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Not everything was fun at games at Halas Hall, however. There were tough decisions to be made be. The Bears had to trim their roster down to 53 before the September 5th deadline. The viewer is introduced to Josh Lucas, Director of Player Personnel. He discussed how the team is adjusting and making those decisions in 2020, especially considering there were no preseason games to evaluate players during in-game situations. He also mentions how the circumstances of COVID-19 have challenged the team's ability to scout and analyze players on other rosters as well.

On the topic of making roster decisions and evaluating players, the Bears' QB battle made the episode once again. This time, QB coach John DeFilippo was mic'd up. In this segment, he watches over the two QBs as they battle it out during practice. DeFilippo is depicted still going through the vigor of coaching a veteran QB in Foles and of course a youngster in Trubisky. The latter of the two seemed to get a lot more praise from DeFilippo.

In the final segment of episode three, Matt Nagy finally makes the starting QB decision official. Of course, that decision went in favor of Mitchell Trubisky.

Thoughts on Episode Three

What's there to left to say?

It was more of the same -- a little bit of this, a little bit of that. It was definitely cool to see more behind-the-scenes footage of the day-to-day operation, even if it was pretty vague. The viewers got to see another aspect of the Bears football operations with Josh Lucas and the inside look at his job as the Director of Player Personnel. Fans even got to see and hear another player and coach mic'd up, which makes for great content because the team has a lot of personality. It's truly awesome seeing the guys interact with another in candid fashion.

Now that the training camp portion of the season is over, it's not entirely clear if the team will continue to release more episodes or not. Even if they choose not to, the Chicago Bears and 1920 Football Drive did more than enough to hold fans over in the absence of training camp accessibility and preseason games.

What's next? Well, the Chicago Bears kick off their 2020 season in four short days. Let the games begin!

You can watch the third episode of "1920 Football Drive" in its entirety below.