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3 Big Takeaways From the Pace/Nagy Free Agency Presser

We did learn a few things during this virtual press conference — the Bears are looking for a true quarterback competition, starters will play in the preseason, and Robert Quinn is a monster.
Photo: AP

Photo: AP

The NFL continues to press on with their offseason schedule, and while I was on the "it can all be done using technology" side of things, it's still weird to see a tweet like this.

Quarterback Competition

Like most of this offseason, the press conference was dominated by questions about Mitchell Trubisky, and now with Nick Foles in the mix, it's all about the quarterback competition.

None of us know how transparent or honest the competition will be. Pace wants Trubisky to be the starter, and Nagy may too, but there is a reason Nick Foles was brought in. The Bears can't find themselves in the same position if Trubisky progresses, and Nick Foles makes too much sense in the COVID-19 world were currently living in. Foles could miss most of the offseason and still have a better grasp on the playbook than Trubisky.

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In my opinion, Trubisky has the better skill set. He is more talented and athletic than Foles, but Foles understands the game at a much higher level while still being a step up from Chase Daniel. People who want Foles to take the job from week one seem to forget most of his career. No one can ever take away a magnificent Super Bowl run or that 27 TD season, but Foles has been in the league since 2012. In eight years, Foles has yet to play a 16-game season. People worry about Trubisky's confidence after the trade, but no one considers what happens if Foles starts week one and goes down in week seven. The Bears can go from Trubisky to Foles seamlessly, but it wouldn't be as casual if the roles were reversed. Nagy even states that whenever camp opens up, "Mitch will be going first in the huddle." How much of this is Pace influenced, and how true is this? These questions won't be answered for some time.

One idea I've always supported was "follow the money," and Foles is slotted to make over $15 million this season, which seems like a lot, but for a quarterback it's nothing. Part of me wants to believe the Bears wouldn't pay a backup plan that kind of money, but also consider two words: Mike Glennon. It was a different situation, but when you look at the details of Foles' contract, you'll notice that the Bears aren't tied to him for long, and if he doesn't like his situation (he doesn't start), he can void the deal. It's hard to decipher what will happen with the quarterback competition, but it will lead to one thing...

Bears Will Play Starters in the Preseason

The quarterback competition will drive starters to play in the preseason, and fans are thankful for this. So many fans complained that if the Bears played in the preseason they would have found an identity, but the preseason is only four weeks and the Bears couldn't find their identity over 16 weeks. The quarterbacks won't be the only ones competing for spots, however. The Bears have signed multiple players to all of their starter-less roster spots. Germaine Ifedi should battle Alex Bars for the right guard spot. The Bears also have multiple payers competing at the safety and cornerback positions, and the draft is still a few weeks away.

Pace is 'Fired Up' About Robert Quinn

I gotta pat Ryan Pace on the back for this one. He spent less than a million dollars worth of cap space by releasing Leonard Floyd and signing Quinn. Robert Quinn will undoubtedly take advantage of the opportunities of being single-blocked, which leads to Kahlil Mack getting less attention, which leads to the Monsters being back. They were still present in 2019, but I expect an even more dominant defense now that Quinn has arrived and Pagano has had a full year with the defense to self evaluate. You deserve to be fired up, Mr. Pace, and I am too.

It's hard to get a ton of information out of Ryan Pace when there isn't a global pandemic. Sifting through cryptic messages is something we've all been accustomed to. That isn't a knock against Pace, it's just the reality of how reveals information, but we did learn a few things during this virtual press conference. The Bears are looking for a true quarterback competition, starters will play in the preseason, and Robert Quinn is a monster.