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84 Million Reasons to be Thankful Kirk Cousins Isn't Your Quarterback

There is one silver lining to look at heading into Sunday's matchup with the Minnesota Vikings. At least the Chicago Bears didn't give Kirk Cousins $84 Million.

Here in Chicago, through three weeks, there have been a couple thousand questions about the Bears' offense. It hasn't been good. It's actually been nothing short of terrible. The offensive line hasn't been good and play calling has been suspect at times. However, the number one reason the offense can't get it going has been the sub-par play from the quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky.

For a guy who was the number two overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, Trubisky has left a lot to be desired. Ryan Pace traded up for this guy? He left Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson on the table for inconsistent Mitch? Not great.

There is one silver lining to look at heading into Sunday's matchup with the Minnesota Vikings. At least the Chicago Bears didn't give Kirk Cousins $84 Million.

Following the 2017 NFL season, the Vikings had lost in the NFC Championship game and believed they were a quarterback away from being true Super Bowl contenders. That sentiment was definitely true. Minnesota is loaded with talent. They signed Kirk Cousins and $84 million later, they are still a quarterback away from being Super Bowl contenders.

Cousins is who you thought he was. Now, there are quite a few comparables to Trubisky. He struggles to make the big throw. Struggles with accuracy. However, Trubisky still has some time to figure it out. At this point, Cousins is who he is and that is not a quarterback worthy of nearly $100 million.

Look for the Vikings to run the ball a ton on Sunday for two reasons, even though the Bears haven't given up 100 yards rushing in a game in a few years. One, Dalvin Cook is really good. But two, and most importantly, they don't trust their quarterback.

The Vikings are 2-1 on the season. Kirk Cousins has only attempted more than 30 passes in one of those games. Naturally, it was their one loss. That was when Cousins threw away the game to the Green Bay Packers. He tossed two interceptions and posted a passer rating of 52.9. Elite.

Oh, and that oh so famous statistic that makes Kirk Cousins lose sleep at night. Ol' $84 million is 5-26 against winning teams in his career. Big time players make big time plays. They step up in the clutch. They are the reason their teams wins when it matters. Kirk Cousins is none of this.

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He throws the game away in big situations. Were the Vikings better without Cousins when they had Case Keenum? You be the judge. Has Cousins lead the Vikings' faithful in the Skol chant after a playoff win? Have to actually make the playoffs for that.

Was Adam Thielen screaming at Case Keenum on the sidelines? Nope, Keenum was at least serviceable. Cousins: Meh. In Cousins' defense however, Khalil Mack and company can have this effect on teams.


Minnesota found their savior. Cousins led the squad to an impressive one win against teams with a winning record (at the time of the game) last season. Even Trubisky did enough to not throw away games last season.

Trubisky has given Bears fans reasons to be concerned this season. If he doesn't improve, the Bears have no shot at winning a Super Bowl. But at least it isn't Kirk Cousins driving the boat for the Bears. They'd be $84 million in the hole and be no closer to raising the Lombardi Trophy.

The Washington Redskins are an incompetent franchise, as we saw last Monday night. Even they didn't think twice about paying Kirk Cousins all that money. They took game manager Alex Smith and thanked Minnesota for paying their trash bill.

Bears fans, when Sunday comes, respect Minnesota. Their defense is strong. Dalvin Cook is emerging as one of the league's top running backs. There are plenty of reasons that this Vikings team could walk out of Soldier Field with a victory Sunday, but Cousins is not one of them. If the Bears defense can force the Vikings to put the game in Cousins' hands, he'll throw it to the Chicago secondary and the Bears will be 3-1.

Featured Photo: Chicago Bears