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Addressing the Tom Brady to the Bears Rumor

Tom Brady has joined the Bears! Wait, what?
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Photo: NBC Sports

Photo: NBC Sports

I've heard it enough times over the last few weeks that I finally decided to address this absurdity myself. This is NOT going to happen nor should you want this to happen either. There are pros and cons on both sides of the argument here so let's address them reasonably.

What is one of the biggest complaints we've had as Bears fans over the years?

The first thing that comes to mind, if you've been paying close attention to the team, is their seeming unwillingness to care about winning. The phrase I've heard time and time again come out of Bears' fans mouths is:

"All the McCaskey's want to do is keep the season-ticket holders paying, keep butts in seats, and keep making money."


Maybe this is true. Maybe the Bears' ownership doesn't care about winning and only wants to do better for themselves. However, I don't think it's likely that they've completely abandoned a winning mindset to put money over the team. If that were the case the McCaskey family never would have let Ryan Pace trade away a lifetime of picks, two extremities, and a kidney for Khalil Mack while simultaneously paying the man the big bucks.

However, I do think they have treated the fans unfairly. They raised ticket prices several times after mediocre seasons. The food and drinks at Soldier Field are drastically overpriced and they haven't made any singular improvement to the team that screamed Superbowl.

Now we enter the off-season leading up to the 2020-2021 season and the ever-boding question of who will quarterback the Chicago Bears? This has been the focal point of so many conversations in Chicago sports that it really is starting to feel like beating a dead horse but for the argument's sake, let's discuss further.

Why should the Bears bring in Tom Brady?

It's not even a debatable question; Tom Brady is mountains above Mitchell Trubisky on the scale of quarterback skill.

  • Six Superbowls
  • 5,000 passing yards season
  • 50 passing touchdowns season
  • 14x Pro-Bowler
  • 3x MVP
  • Regular season record as a starter: 219-64
  • Need I say more?

Would Brady improve this offense under Matt Nagy? Absolutely. Does Tom Brady have the weapons in Chicago to make another run at a championship, which you know is his sole driving-force for playing at his age? That's uncertain.

Does he really need those weapons though? He did pretty well for himself in New England last year when they had a pretty depleted offense.

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Now let's look at what the Bears' ownership has to gain by bringing in Tom Brady and paying him a king's ransom.

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  • It would sell jerseys. (A lot of jerseys)
  • Every game would completely sell out
  • More prime-time games
  • "Give the loud fans hope"

Without a doubt in my mind, if Tom Brady left the Patriots his jersey on the new team would be the number one seller in the country. It would rival Michael Jordan leaving the Bulls for the Washington Wizards. Arguably, Tom is the greatest quarterback of all time. Like Jordan was to the NBA, he has more fans of him, who aren't necessarily Patriots fans, than any other player in the league.

This acquisition would make the Bears the most interesting team in the league by a long shot. Forget about the exciting Patrick Mahomes and defending Superbowl champs Kansas City Chiefs. Forget about Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens trying to make up for that pitiful playoff loss last season. All eyes would be on the Tom-Brady-led-Chicago-Bears and if he could win them a championship; finally putting to rest the argument of:

Did Tom Brady make Bill Belichik look great or did Belichik make Brady a star?

The growing interest in the Chicago Bears would lead to complete sellouts of every game. Everyone would pay their hard-earned dollars to see him play in another team's colors. That being said, it would also increase the number of times the NFL scheduled the Bears in primetime. I can hear the broadcasters now:

You know Tom Brady was a guy who played for the New England Patriots his entire career and is now playing for the Chicago Bears. They are two different teams. Back to you Joe.

- Booger McFarland

Finally, every one of the Bears fans who crucified Ryan Pace for drafting Trubisky would finally have reason to be quiet. They could sit back knowing their franchise GM finally did something right and boy would they be happy to watch every game now.

This won't happen and here's why:

  • Tom Brady is ridiculously expensive
  • Wouldn't Robert Kraft and New England match any offer?
  • Would Matt Nagy even want Brady?
  • Would Brady even want to come here?

Firstly, the Bears do not have the cap space to afford Tom Brady. They've already made some cuts, which you can catch up on here, and they would likely have to make several more. I can't predict Brady's expected contract but you know it's going to be somewhere north of $30 million.

I highly doubt New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft would let his prized-possession and franchise quarterback leave so easily. Whatever the Bears would offer Brady, I know Kraft would match it and definitely beat it.

Matt Nagy runs a very specific offense and he doesn't want to be told what to do.

I didn't come here to run the I formation

- Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy

Why would Nagy want a guy like Brady? He isn't a mobile quarterback and he is heavily criticized for dumping the ball off to his running back for a short passing gain, which has most definitely padded his passing yards over his career but I digress. Could Brady run the offense that Nagy wants to do or would his inner game-manager take over, creating tons of coach to quarterback conflict?

Lastly, why would Tom want to come to Chicago? Yes they have a Superbowl-caliber defense but that's not enough. They need more pieces around Brady if they hope to have a chance at a championship run. They also have a ton of holes in other positions. They need more speed at Wide Receiver. They need a humongous boost to their offensive line, which they better fix if pocket-passer Tom Brady is at the helm. They also need a star at Tight End. With Brady being so used to stellar Tight End play from Rob Gronkowski, this is a must-improve position for the Bears.

If they were to pay Tom Brady the kind of money he's being rumored to be worth, then there is no chance they can afford to fix the rest of their team. The bottom-line is: this isn't going to happen. There are too many moving puzzle-pieces that would have to fall into place in just the perfect spot and the chances of that happening are so slim. The Bulls will probably fire GarPax and win another three-peat championship before that happens.

Sorry Bears fans but it looks like Andy Dalton or Marcus Mariota might be our ceiling of hope, and sometimes the ceiling is the roof.