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Alex Smith Spotted at Bears Practice

The Bears welcomed three-time Pro Bowler Alex Smith as a guest observer at practice today.
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Alex Smith Chicago Bears Practice

Photo: NFL Network via dwcprodz/Twitter

Former Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith was spotted at Chicago Bears practice today. Multiple reports have stated that he is there observing, but he could also be there to help rookie Justin Fields.

Smith spent many years in the system that Bears head coach Matt Nagy is trying to implement. It seems that Nagy is bringing in "blasts from the past" personnel in an attempt to get Bears up to speed on how his offense should run. Last week, former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was also spotted at a Bears practice.

Smith saw a career rejuvenation once he entered the Kansas City Chiefs offense. He went from a middle-of-the-pack quarterback to a three-time Pro Bowler in Andy Reid's system. The Bears appear to be taking extra steps to do right by Fields, who they hope will be their franchise quarterback.

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