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Another One Bites the Dust: Bears RB Coach Charles London to Join Falcons as QB Coach

The hits just keep coming for the Chicago Bears coaching staff.
Charles London

Photo: Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The hits just keep coming for the Chicago Bears coaching staff. Yesterday, reports indicated defensive line coach Jay Rodgers is expected to become the Los Angeles Chargers' next defensive coordinator. Today, the Bears are losing another quality assistant in running backs coach Charles London.

Most Bears fans share the same concern at this point. Why are these coaches leaving? The assumption is, Nagy's seat simmering and the quality coaches don't want to be part of the downfall. While it seems that's the case on the surface, Jay Rodgers was destined for a clear promotion to a defensive coordinator role, and London will take a slight step up by moving from running backs coach in Chicago to quarterbacks coach in Atlanta. Quarterback coaches get promoted to offensive coordinator roles more frequently than any other position, so this is a stepping stone in Charles London's career. However, skepticism from the fan base is understandable.

Yesterday, the Falcons also expressed interest in the Bears passing game coordinator, Dave Ragone. As of now, it seems like Ragone is the favorite for the job. If he's the next name to leave, skepticism around Halas Hall will only keep growing.

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It's also a bit confusing that the Bears offensive assistants are getting opportunities, as the offense has been painful to watch since 2019. Seeing Jay Rodgers get an opportunity elsewhere makes more sense, as he has successfully developed defensive linemen for half a decade. Charles London and Dave Ragone's success with the Bears hasn't been as apparent, but both are held in high regard around the league. It's possible Matt Nagy has limited the amount of tangible success the offensive staff could have produced. How can a running backs coach shine in an offense that refuses to run the ball for 18 games?

Personally, I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt to the Culture and Collaboration happening at Halas Hall, but it's looking more and more like everyone wants out of Chicago. Thinking back to the end-of-season press conference, it's hard to believe the Bears are heading in the right direction. However, the Bears haven't hired any replacements as things currently stand, so I'm not willing to overreact just yet.