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After seeing the Chicago Bears proposal for the Arlington Park Racetrack development, the Village of Arlington Heights will take the next step. On Monday, the Village will vote on a Pre-Development Agreement between Arlington Heights and the Chicago Bears.

The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Monday at Village Hall. The meeting will also be streamed according to the Village website. All the pre-meeting documents have also been uploaded there regarding the development.

The potential development is a massive undertaking and this meeting presents another step forward by both sides. 

The agreement is referred to as a road map outlining how both parties will explore the potential development of the site in good faith to all involved or affected.

Here is the specific answer in the FAQ.

"The Pre-Development Agreement is intended to help serve as a “roadmap” by helping to define how future plans and processes will be reviewed, should the project move forward. The Pre-Development Agreement allows the Village of Arlington Heights and CBFC to clarify broad goals and expectations of the project, and helps to provide a clear understanding of what potential next steps may be included for both parties. The agreement also highlights that the Village and CBFC pledge to cooperate in good faith with each other and with all stakeholders in order to take all reasonable next steps toward the full design and implementation of the project. "

The road map clarifies that nothing is determined yet regarding the development. It also confirms earlier reports that the Bears will not seek Village assistance to pay for the construction costs of an NFL stadium.

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In addition, the agreement also discusses that the conceptual plan the Bears released previously will be maintained as the "broad goals" that will be explored and worked towards.

The Agreement document has countless items and tasks. 

One section establishes exploration of a public partnership. The Bears development will bring potential benefits to the Arlington Heights community. There will also be numerous municipal challenges that require exploration and numerous outside parties getting involved.

The document also articulates that studies and refinement of the plan will be required. There are vehicular and pedestrian traffic impacts, the economic feasibility of the project for the Chicago Bears, the economic and impact benefits for the Village, and other impacts including environmental, stormwater, and so forth that will take serious effort.

The Village of Arlington Heights will also have to consider zoning issues. Currently the property can be used as mixed-use, but has not been approved for an NFL stadium.

The Village of Arlington Heights will also vote on whether zoning can include a sportsbook.

While the step is not the last hoop the development has to metaphorically jump through, it shows the Village of Arlington Heights is ready to begin discussions. The road for the Bears and the Village will be tough, but at least now all the remaining hoops to jump through will be laid out.