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The Matt Nagy Saga Sets Up A Tumultuous Thanksgiving Day

If the report ends up being false and Nagy loses on Thanksgiving Day in Detroit, the Bears' fan base will erupt in flames.
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Matt Nagy Bears Head Coach

Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

Get ready for the fireworks. When asked about the report of Thursday being his last game as Bears' head coach Matt Nagy dismissed it.

"That is not accurate. I have great communication with ownership, with George [McCaskey] and Ted [Phillips] and Ryan [Pace], and I have not had any discussions [on that.]," Nagy said.

It seems once again the Chicago Bears have no idea what they're doing. Nagy is in the middle of a five-game losing streak, has reportedly lost the locker room, and has failed to develop Justin Fields in a positive way.

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Many fans have been calling for Nagy to lose his job since 2020. The magic that was in 2018 appears to have been the ceiling for Nagy. Everything else has been a monumental failure. Those shortcomings include not developing players correctly, making bone-headed play calls, poor timeout management, and just looking lost, among others. Pick any or all of the above; it's time for him to move on.

With sparks flying left and right as of late, one thing is certain. If the report about Matt Nagy being on the way out ends up being false and he loses in Detroit on Thanksgiving, the Bears' fan base will erupt in flames.