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Ryan Poles on Matt Eberflus: 'He Wants to Put Players in a Position to Succeed'

The Bears might have struck gold with Ryan Poles. He knows what he wants.
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Ryan Poles Chicago Bears General Manager GM

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The Chicago Bears released an interview on their YouTube channel featuring Jeff Joniak and new general manager Ryan Poles. Joniak asked Poles a variety of questions, including inquiries about building the Bears' roster. The duo also spoke about the hiring of Matt Eberflus and the speed at which this process took place.

Poles described Eberflus as the guy he knew was head coach material right when he walked into the room. The process of becoming the Bears' GM and beginning to build his foundation happened fast for Ryan Poles.

What Ryan Poles Sees in Matt Eberflus

Within a matter of days, Poles landed the GM job and started making hires himself. Having something so special stand out about a head coach must have made this decision really easy.

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When Joniak mentioned Matt Eberflus, Poles described his ideal candidate.

"From the moment he walked in the door he checked all those boxes... He's a leader and values players. He wants to put players in a position to succeed as much as possible."

- Ryan Poles on Matt Eberflus

Why Matt Eberflus' Philosophy Matters

The last sentence of Ryan Poles' answer regarding Matt Eberflus should be a breath of fresh air for the Bears and their fans. This was one of the biggest issues with Matt Nagy. You've heard the phrase "Trying to fit a round peg into a square hole" surrounding his Bears' career many times now. But that is exactly what was wrong with Matt Nagy. He refused to adapt and could not put his players in a position to succeed. He also couldn't utilize a player's strengths the way a good head coach should.

If Matt Eberflus truly puts players in a position to succeed the way Ryan Poles says he can, then this Chicago Bears team is going to look much different next year. They won't need multiple years for the changes to become noticeable or have a different feel. This team is finally going to get the maximum effort from a qualified leader to produce ample results. I wouldn't rule the Bears a contender just yet, but watch the difference only a year makes.