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Bears GM Ryan Poles: His Way Is The Right Way

If we've learned anything from the Bears GM it's that he has a vision for this organization.
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Ryan Poles Chicago Bears Kansas City Chiefs General Manager

Photo: Kansas City Chiefs

Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles was on the Mully and Haugh show this morning on 670 The Score. When Haugh asked Poles about the Bears 2022 draft class, he alluded to the first-time GM not putting enough pieces around Justin Fields.

Poles took the question and ran with it exactly how you might assume he would.

"I would have done harm to this team if I just went with need and I didn't put the best players available on this team. I'm excited about Kyler and Jaquan. We had really good grades on them and we stuck to the board."

Ryan Poles

Ryan Poles Chicago Bears GM 670 The Score Mully and Haugh

Photo: 670TheScore/Audacy/Twitter

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If we've learned anything from the Bears GM it's that he has a vision for this organization. Ryan Poles is willing to do what it takes to make the Chicago Bears better and we're seeing that in action.

"We're going to get this team better and this roster better but we have to do it the right way. That's taking the best available and keep moving."

Ryan Poles

Poles has made clear and bold decisions in his short time as the GM of the Chicago Bears. He's traded away players like Khalil Mack and swapped draft picks for even more draft picks. The first-time GM knows what he wants for the Chicago Bears and he's strong enough to pursue it.

The most important thing in 2022 for the Bears is to evaluate the roster and be better by the time the 17th game ends. No one expects the Bears to win this year and it's delusional to think they can fix the entire team in one offseason.

Ryan Poles knows this and any critique can be saved until at least 2023. But if the Chicago Bears aren't competitive by 2024, then there might be a legitimate concern.