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Matt Nagy, Chris Tabor Deny Report of Bears' Impending Head Coaching Change

Add yet another chapter to this drawn-out saga.
Matt Nagy Chris Tabor Bears Press Conference

Photos: Chicago Bears/YouTube

On Tuesday morning, a report by Mark Konkol on indicated Thursday would be Matt Nagy's last game as head coach of the Chicago Bears. Unsurprisingly, the news went viral on social media. The timing of the report could not have been worse for the Bears' coaching staff as they were scheduled to meet the media about an hour later.

Special teams coordinator Chris Tabor and head coach Matt Nagy both spoke on the subject. Here is what they had to say.

Chris Tabor

Tabor served as head coach during a Week 8 matchup against the 49ers that Nagy missed due to COVID-19. He would be a prime candidate to take over as interim head coach if Nagy is indeed on the way out.

Tabor decisively stated, “Coach Nagy is our head coach. I want to work for this guy now, OK? Love him to death and he’s the head football coach of the Chicago Bears and he’s gonna lead us to a win on Thursday. I believe that deep down in my heart. So, to me, there’s no story at all. Fair enough?”

That is a pretty sharp rebuttal for a guy who would be gifted a head coaching job for a few weeks. It would definitely look good on a resume if the entire Bears’ coaching staff besides Tabor were to leave along with Nagy.

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Matt Nagy

Following Tabor, Nagy weighed in. He looked and sounded like he knew what he was walking into.

However, Nagy dodged a question regarding the front office giving him any reassurance that he would coach through the year. The remainder of the press conference consisted of questions about his job status, but he kept to the common “focus on the now” mantra that he has used his whole tenure.

Nagy sounded defeated, and it's no surprise as to why. Before today's dust-up about him being on the way out, Jordan Schultz reported Nagy has completely lost the Bears' locker room.

Even worse for Nagy, his job status has even bled into his personal life. At his son’s high school playoff game, “Fire Nagy” chants broke out from the Cary-Grove student section.

While Bears fans are disgruntled with Nagy's on-field results, this statement made some empathize with him.

But at the end of the day, this saga has worn on for far too long. Matt Nagy is clearly not the guy to lead the next great Bears team. Seemingly the only way the organization can save face is to fire him now so everyone, including Nagy, can move on with their lives.