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Matt Nagy's Outrage Is Too Little, Too Late

With an emotional spiking of a challenge flag in front of an official, Matt Nagy's outrage is too little too late for the Bears.
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Matt Nagy has been on thin ice for over two years now. The "offensive guru" was supposed to be the Chicago Bears' savior. He was supposed to lead them into the modern world of NFL offenses and groom Mitchell Trubisky into a star. Those plans failed.

Then the Bears drafted Justin Fields and things were looking up for the first time in a while. They have a competent college quarterback who can evolve into something truly special at the professional level. But everything came to a dramatic tipping point in the Bears' loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. With an aggressive and passionate throwing of a challenge flag, Nagy's outrage is too little too late.

With Bears Eliminated, Nagy Finally Has a Losing Record

For three seasons, the Bears have clung to one thing in particular. They haven't had a losing record under head coach Matt Nagy. Yay!

That ended in 2021 and it's safe to assume most fans are happy the losing is happening now. Why bother searching for a coach when the one you have hasn't had a losing season?

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The team made the playoffs in two of the three years Nagy has been with the organization. Without context, that sounds pretty good. When factoring in the drop-off following the 2018 season -- a time period with the highest expectations since the Lovie Smith era -- you can piece together the madness of being a Chicago Bears fan.

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The 2021 Bears are eliminated from the playoffs. That's it. What else do we need to see now? Justin Fields looked terrible for a large chunk of the game against the Vikings. Matt Nagy admitted to calling plays with offensive coordinator Bill Lazor out, which surely didn't help the young quarterback find a groove.

Now, what do we as fans have to look forward to? The development of Justin Fields? Maybe, but I for one am not overly excited about watching Nagy ruin another quarterback with his unwillingness to cater to his personnel's strengths. It's time for the McCaskeys to abandon ship, find some real NFL help, and get rid of this joke at the helm.

Monday Night Football and Sinking to a New Low on National TV

On Monday night, the Bears put up an atrocious three points until a garbage-time touchdown on the last play of the game. Louis Riddick stated on the broadcast several times how poor the Bears looked. They were literally collapsing on themselves by giving the ball away, playing undisciplined football, and showcasing disorganization on offense. The referees were pretty abysmal too, but I digress. However, that led Matt Nagy into outrage as he spiked a challenge flag in front of the official.

Nagy was upset, which is understandable. All Bears supporters were livid over some of those egregious calls. The fire and passion Nagy showed Monday was appropriate. But my question is, where was that intensity while his team spiraled into a joke for the greater part of this season?

Nagy has had his fiery moments before so I'll give him that, but they're few and far between. If he's that passionate about his team, why can't he translate that into winning? If he gets that riled up when something goes wrong -- and a whole hell of a lot has gone wrong in his Chicago tenure -- then why didn't he grow as a coach? Nagy's outrage is too little, too late.

He's a terrible play-caller, which is technically subjective but arguably factual in the Chicagoland area. He forced his pitiful offense on Trubisky and he's doing the same thing all over again with Fields. Matt Nagy cannot coach if he can't adapt, and the Chicago Bears deserve so much better than that.

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