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McCaskeys Completely Deny The Nagy Reports

The McCaskeys have reportedly finally spoken regarding the reports about Matt Nagy.
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The latest news regarding the status of Matt Nagy's tenure as Bears' head coach state the McCaskeys completely denied the initial report that he will be fired after the Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the McCaskeys told Matt Nagy the report was a total lie.

Apparently, the non-football guy Ted Phillips was part of the conversation as well. Previously this year, George McCaskey told the media and fans that Ted wasn't involved in football decisions. The spoon-fed process of elimination and common sense would determine that was a lie.

What's Next for Matt Nagy?

So, where are we with this organization right now? Is Matt Nagy actually going to remain the Bears' head coach for the remainder of 2021? Does the report leaking shine a light on a different problem?

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It appears that whatever is actually happening behind closed doors, the McCaskeys are running this organization quite poorly. If the report is true, then this is one of the most egregious acts by an NFL ownership group that we've ever seen. They tell Nagy that he's going to be fired regardless of the outcome, but he's still going to coach against the Lions and meet with the media during the week? That's an unacceptable way of doing business.

If the report is false, then the Bears have a security issue. This would explain why Ryan Pace thought trading up one draft spot to take Mitchell Trubisky was a good move! Could there be whistleblowers within the Bears' organization? Are we actually witnessing a poorly-run team deny truths so they don't look like fools?

Regardless of what is actually going on, the only things we know are what they are telling us. The McCaskeys completely deny the report that the Bears are firing Nagy. The head coach himself also denied that the report was true. If the Bears lose to the Lions, the McCaskeys should reconsider the claims they claim are false.