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Bears Media Presses Matt Eberflus On Roquan Smith To No Avail

What more will reporters do to get no answers?
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Chicago Bears Matt Eberflus Roquan Smith

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For what seemed like a neverending barrage, the Chicago Bears media asked head coach Matt Eberflus about Roquan Smith. Eberflus stood firm with his answers in spite of the ridiculous redundancy in the questioning.

The Latest On Roquan Smith

Roquan Smith did not practice on Thursday. He wasn't present, he didn't exercise with the team, and he was not available to talk to the media. On Wednesday, the Chicago Bears removed Roquan from the PUP list, so there was some speculation that he would practice today.

That wasn't the case as previously stated and since he didn't practice, he is unavailable for the media's questioning. But that didn't stop reporters from berating Matt Eberflus about Roquan Smith and the coach's answers were finally up to par with what we're used to hearing from an NFL head coach.

Matt Eberflus Has Been Practicing His 'Coach Speak'

Reporters asked Eberflus several times why Roquan wasn't practicing. His answers didn't vary much. But that's okay considering it isn't his responsibility to sign players and deal with holdouts.

"Roquan Smith came off of PUP. He was cleared by our medical staff as healthy and he did not practice. And the reason why for that is you have to ask him. So we expect all of our healthy players to practice... I have not talked to him about it so I have no further comment on that situation from there."

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus

What more does the media expect to gain after that opening statement from Eberflus? Reporters spent roughly the next five to six minutes asking different versions of similar questions on Smith, trying to trip Eberflus up. But the coach didn't change any of his answers.

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At one point, a reporter even began to debate Matt Eberflus on semantics. The statement from the reporter:

"This seems like this is a clear violation of your standards and what you're communicating to us is that you're just going to proceed business as usual here, as this goes on."

Eberflus responded with this statement:

"I'm not saying that, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that right now, today, we're saying that he didn't practice and you're gonna have to ask him why he didn't practice. And then we're gonna take it day by day."

Matt Eberflus

Immediately following that response, a different reporter asked Eberflus if he understands the predicament the reporters are in. They cannot talk to Roquan and ask him these questions until he practices. Eberflus responded:

"Yeah, I understand."

Matt Eberflus

Mic drop. The conversation immediately changed to questions about David Montgomery and the rest of the Chicago Bears team. Matt Eberflus obviously isn't going into detail about Roquan Smith because that isn't his job. It's Ryan Poles' duty to build the roster and sign players.

Matt Eberflus is preparing for his first preseason game as head coach and that's where his focus should be. The media should spend more time inquiring about the rest of the Bears' team rather than sending a barrage of similar questions to a first-time head coach on an issue that's out of his control.