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Bears Name Mitchell Trubisky Week 1 Starter

Matt Nagy announced that Mitchell Trubisky will be the Bears’ starting quarterback for week one of the NFL season.

Early this evening it was announced that Mitchell Trubisky has won the starting quarterback job for the Chicago Bears. Trubisky edges out Nick Foles in what was dubbed a competitive battle.

Does this mean that Trubisky is the starter for the entire season? Absolutely not. The entire reason for bringing in a guy like Nick Foles was to push Trubisky to perform at a higher level.

Apparently, this chess move by Ryan Pace turned out to work in Mitchell's favor as he nabbed the starting job to begin the season. If Trubisky doesn't perform the best he has in his career, his job could be in question week in and week out. The best thing Trubisky can do is just win football games and the rest will take care of itself. He needs to be able to tune the media out and the Bears should probably keep the TVs in Halas Hall off as well. It’s time for Trubisky to lock in and do what he was brought in to do.

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Many called for Cam Newton to come to Chicago or even Jameis Winston for the right price. That said, the Chicago faithful ended up with Nick Foles, who is getting paid more money than most will see in a lifetime to stand on the sideline with a headset until Mitch blows the job.

The question becomes, what if he doesn't blow it? What if Maserati Mitch shows up? How about two-minute drill in the divisional round Trubisky? One thing that Chicago cannot afford to see come week one is the same old Mitchell Trubisky. Now is his time to prove all of the people that doubted him wrong. Trubisky has a strong enough defense and plenty of weapons on offense to support him.

The Bears’ window is closing and one of the biggest missing pieces to the puzzle is quality quarterback play. It's not something that every Bears fan is eager to say, but it’s now official:

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