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Bears New WR Velus Jones Jr. Channels Devin Hester To Achieve Greatness

Any way that I can affect the game, as a returner or a receiver. I'm blessed to do both.
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Velus Jones Jr. Chicago Bears draft pick WR

Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

The Chicago Bears newest wide receiver, Velus Jones Jr., met with the media Friday morning and he had some interesting comments regarding his return game. Reporters asked Velus about his mentioning of Devin Hester and how it relates.

"When I think of Devin Hester, I think greatness and fearless. He slowed everything down from his cuts to his decision making. Even with Madden back in the day, we knew his speed. So much goes with his game and I watched him since I was young and it was a huge impact on me as a kid."

Bears WR Velus Jones Jr.

What Is Velus Jones Jr.'s Role On The Chicago Bears?

Reporters continued by asking how this first week with the Chicago Bears has gone. They asked if he's been in contact with Justin Fields and what he's trying to do for this team.

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"I'm just taking everything in and establishing a role on this team. I've texted with Justin but haven't met him yet"

Velus Jones Jr.

When it comes to returning kicks opposed to being a well-established wide receiver, Velus Jones Jr. commented that he knew from a young age that returning kicks would help him. Furthermore, he always continues to work on his speed because although it runs in his family, he didn't possess it until later in life.

"I realized when I was young that returning kicks would help me and I could really go far with this. But I was a late bloomer, my elite speed didn't really kick in until my junior year of high school. I would say it's really a blessing and I want to win games for the Chicago Bears. Any way that I can affect the game, as a returner or a receiver. I'm blessed to do both to impact the game in different ways."

Velus Jones Jr.

The Chicago Bears got a mature and focused wide receiver with the 71st pick in the NFL Draft. Jones Jr. has the skills to help this team in multiple ways and reaching for greatness is the first step in actually achieving it.