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Bears RB Trestan Ebner: My Phone Didn't Work On Draft Day

Ebner says the Bears nearly drafted his sister because her phone worked and his didn't.
Trestan Ebner Chicago Bears running back NFL Draft

Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

The Chicago Bears drafted running back Trestan Ebner out of Baylor with the 203rd overall pick but he didn't know that. Ebner met with the media today following his fellow 2022 draftees and he told a story about draft day.

Ebner states that he's from the country and his family was having a draft party in the country. He wasn't getting any service until finally, his agent called. Trestan answered the phone and his agent told him he'd called him several times.

Ebner continued by stating that he didn't even know the Chicago Bears drafted him until his sister told him so.

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"The Chicago Bears called my sister and she ran up to me saying I got drafted. The Bears should have drafted her because her phone's working."

Trestan Ebner joking about draft day.

Trestan Ebner Finding A Role On The Chicago Bears

Reporters asked Trestan Ebner about playing with a real fullback and he said he's excited. He hasn't played with a true fullback before and it will be nice to have someone to run behind.

When asked about his skills in the kickoff return game, Ebner had a lot of confidence in his response.

"Using my vision and speed is my greatest attribute in the return game. I watched a lot of Devin Hester and I'm not afraid of the competition with Velus Jones Jr."

Trestan Ebner

Additionally, Trestan Ebner praised the Chicago Bears' coaching staff for being very welcoming and making everyone feel comfortable. He also spoke about his receiving skills and how he's comfortable catching the ball and making people miss afterward.