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Bears' Roquan Smith Will Not Be In Training Camp

The Bears will be without their star linebacker.
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Roquan Smith Chicago Bears Fifth Year Option holding out new contract training camp

Photo: Chicago Tribune

After much positivity this offseason surrounding the Chicago Bears, there comes a huge blow to the morale. Linebacker, Roquan Smith, is holding out and will not be participating in the Bears' training camp. According to NFL Insider, Ian Rapoport, Smith has not received a deal from the Chicago Bears that he would even consider.

Roquan Smith's Value To The Chicago Bears

It's hard to run an offense without a quarterback who leads. It's also hard to run defense without a leader and that's exactly what Roquan Smith does for the Bears. He is the quarterback of the Bears' defense and has shown exceptional leadership in the four years he's spent with Chicago.

Many fans have clamored for the Bears to extend Roquan Smith and sign him to a long-term deal. Smith even said it himself, that he wants to remain on the Chicago Bears for a long period of time. Why a contract extension hasn't taken place yet is beyond imagining.

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The Bears have one of the best linebackers in the entire NFL and so far, they've failed to secure his services. The McCaskey family, Ted Phillips, and GM Ryan Poles need to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Going into training camp without Roquan Smith is one thing. He's a four-year veteran and knows how to navigate the NFL offseason. But failing to reach a deal before the season begins and entering week one without Smith, is a colossal mistake the Bears need to avoid at all costs.