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Bears S Jaquan Brisker On Playing With Justin Fields And Responding To Scouts' Critique

He's here for the opportunity to prove he belongs not only on this team but in a starting role.
Jaquan Brisker Chicago Bears Safety NFL Draft press conference

Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

The Chicago Bears press conference ended today with new safety Jaquan Brisker. The Bears' 48th overall pick described his skillset and getting drafted with Kyler Gordon. He also spoke about what it's going to be like to play with Justin Fields now and responded to certain comments made by former Chicago Bears scouts.

Reporters asked Jaquan Brisker about being drafted with another defensive back in Kyler Gordon.

"It's been great talking to Gordon. I want the chemistry with my teammate and that we're both comfortable. It's a great benefit to come in at the same time with a friend."

Bears' safety Jaquan Brisker on Kyler Gordon.

Jaquan Brisker As A Leader For The Bears

Brisker continued by speaking about being a leader. He says that being a vocal leader means leading on both good days and bad days. He wants to be himself and carry that leadership quality to the NFL level.

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Jaquan played against Bears quarterback Justin Fields in college. His time at Penn State let him get an up-close and personal look at Fields. He states:

"When I got drafted, I thought I should bet him for the number. But I'm gonna face him in practice and get some back."

Jaquan Brisker on joining Justin Fields as a teammate.

Brisker describes himself as an old-school safety. He likes being physical but at the same time wants to show his versatility on the back end. He can attack the ball and cover but can also hit, tackle, and take on blocks.

"I admire guys like Sean Taylor and Troy Polamalu."

Jaquan Brisker on who he looks up to at the safety position.

Lastly, reporters asked Jaquan about the recent comments made by a Chicago Bears scout. He states the comments didn't bother him and that he still graduated college. He's here for the opportunity to show what he can do and prove he belongs not only on this team but in a starting role.