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Bears' Teven Jenkins Attempting To Secure A Roster Spot Or Auditioning For A New Team?

Have we seen the last of the old Teven Jenkins?
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Chicago Bears Teven Jenkins

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What is going to happen with Teven Jenkins? Will the Chicago Bears keep him with his newfound position? Is he even interested in that or will he don a different jersey in 2022? The 24-year-old commented on his rough start to training camp and how the new position on the offensive line is going so far.

Teven Jenkins Had A Rocky Month

Jenkins was noticeably absent from Chicago Bears' practice late in July. He returned about a week later but with an unknown cause for the absence. Nevertheless, reports began circulating around the second-year offensive lineman and many expected the Bears to find a trade partner.

But as training camp continued, the Bears started giving Teven Jenkins reps at the right guard position. Could this mean Jenkins will find a role in this offense, securing a spot on the Bears' roster? That remains unknown.

"It's been like kind of like a rollercoaster and a mix of emotions for me. Going from right tackle three, right tackle, to go to second right guard, now I'm starting right now. It's a lot about seizing opportunity. So that's one thing I'm looking forward to doing this weekend."

- Teven Jenkins on his start to training camp and the Bears' final preseason game

Jenkins will start when the Bears face the Cleveland Browns this Saturday in their final preseason game. Head coach Matt Eberflus already stated the starters will play until halftime and Jenkins needs the practice reps with the other members of the Bears' offensive line.

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Chicago Bears Offensive Line

The Bears need bodies on the field, especially when it comes to the offensive line. It would be foolish to let one of them walk away from the team unless they got an offer worth considering. But creating a makeshift offensive line isn't the way to keep Justin Fields from getting hit.

The awkward situation surrounding Jenkins this offseason still brings up several questions. Is he going to enjoy playing right guard? We know that he can be physical because we've already seen it. But can he operate at the position?

"It's like you have a dude, right there, right now, instead of all this space... At tackle, you have a lot of time to think about what's going to happen and all that space to do whatever technique you're thinking about. And at guard, it's happening a lot quicker, like very fast."

- Teven Jenkins

Jenkins' comments aren't necessarily a bad thing. The Chicago Bears haven't utilized him at the right guard position until now. During his time at Oklahoma State, he only played the guard position when he was a red-shirt freshman.

The man hasn't played guard often and he has a lot to learn. But that doesn't mean he can't find success there. Whether or not he wants to do that and how hard the Bears lean on him in that direction, remains to be seen.

He very well could be biding his time for a different team to come around and pluck him from the depths of the Bears' talent pool for a position he's more comfortable playing. The final preseason game against Cleveland will shine a light on whether or not he's suitable for a role on this offensive line.