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The Chicago Bears lost to the Miami Dolphins at Soldier Field in a thrilling offensive explosion. But the end result could have been so much different if the referees got just one more call correct.

In the Bears' penultimate offensive play, they were completely screwed out of a free first down due to defensive pass interference that wasn't called.

The Bears Should Have Won This Game

There were less than two minutes remaining in the game between the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins. Justin Fields threw a deep ball to newly acquired wide receiver Chase Claypool on 3rd and 10.

Miami's secondary was all over Claypool and it looked like obvious defensive pass interference. But the referees stayed their hands and no call was made. This would have given the Bears the football close to the red zone with plenty of time left in the game.

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We'll never know what the Bears would have done in that scenario had they received the first down. But there is no mistaking the fact the referees cost Chicago a chance. 

Several notable voices around the NFL, like Chicago's own Michael Wilbon and coaching legend Tony Dungy, took to Twitter, expressing their disbelief that Claypool didn't get the call.

It's a very egregious no-call and when Tony Dungy and others are calling it negligence, there is a problem. Does the NFL owe the Chicago Bears an apology? Maybe.

But even if they do give some hollow and meaningless statement, the damage is done. The Bears got another number in their loss column and any post-game addendums are surely just for show. 

The NFL has a problem with the officiating and the wild inconsistency that happens throughout the league. It's causing more harm than helping as more teams continue to fall victim to these ridiculous atrocities.