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Bears Turning Point: Week 9

Coming into Week Nine of the season the Bears were sitting at a record of 4-3. One win away from matching the prior seasons win total.
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Coming into Week Nine of the season the Bears were sitting at a record of 4-3. One win away from matching the prior seasons win total. The Bears were looking for a good statement road game, this game was that and more. Also, a big story going into this game was the Bears had yet to let up a rushing touchdown. Would that change?

The Bears offense would start with the ball first and they got off to a pretty good start. But that slowed once they got to the 30-yard line. From there the Bills got two big defensive plays that resulted in a total of 11 yards lost and put the Bears at the 41-yard line, forcing them to punt on their first drive of the game. The rest of the first quarter seemed to be a battle of who would make the first mistake that would cost their team. With :56 seconds left in the first quarter that first big mistake was made by the Bills with a late hit out of bounds on a punt return. Giving the Bears great starting field position.


In the second quarter, the Bears really opened up on the Bills. Two minutes into the quarter the Bears put the first points on the board with a Jordan Howard 1-yard rushing touchdown. For the next few minutes, the game was a battle of punts between the teams. The next points put up on the board was a very nice play to watch with Roquan Smith forcing the ball onto the ground and Eddie Jackson with the scoop and score to make it 14-0. Shortly after that Kyle Fuller helped cause a tipped ball that Adrian Amos caught for the interception to get the ball right back to the Bears. Leonard Floyd decided to join the party as well with an interception that was also tipped by none other than Kyle Fuller. This one leads to a walk-in touchdown for Floyd making the game 21-0. All of this work really fired up the defense who just stayed on a warpath the rest of the game. With minimal time left in the quarter, the Bears kept their foot on the pedal and the offense went out and got an 18-yard rushing touchdown by Jordan Howard.

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With the start of the third quarter, the Bears seemed to open soft off, which allowed the Bills to go down and put up a field goal making the score 28-3. The Bears were able to come out for their first drive of the third quarter and put up a field goal of their own to make it 31-3. The biggest negative taken away from this game was the really bad interception Trubisky threw towards Trey Burton. The third quarter ends with a diving interception by Kyle Fuller, all in thanks to the nasty defensive line rush that was effective all game.


The final quarter of the game starts with the Bears going down and putting up another field goal to make this a 34-3 game. With the longest drive of the game, the Bills took over and wasted a lot of clock. They were able to finally put a touchdown on the board, which was a Peterman 1-yard rush. The Bills ended up attempting a 2 point conversion and failed on that leaving the score at 34-9. The last major drive for the Bears ended up in a receiving touchdown to Trey Burton making the score a 41-9. The second team defensive players were able to close out the game and still put on pressure on the Bills forcing a turnover on downs. This was a huge spot for Bears because this was the second win in a row and started a 5 game win streak that helped them take over. This game was one of those that people would have expected them to play down to a weaker opponent on the road and lose. But Matt Nagy had them ready and decided this was the point in time for the Bears to really turn it around.


Featured Photo Credit: USAToday.Com