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Bears Will Have True QB Competition in Preseason

The Chicago Bears are having a true Quarterback competition this preseason. Who will win?

Earlier in the offseason, Matt Nagy suggested that the preseason would be different this year, and the starters would get reps. Unlike 2019, the 2020 Chicago Bears have a few starting spots that are wide open, which is partially why the front office will use the preseason to evaluate players. The other obvious reason is because the Bears need find out who will be their starting quarterback in 2020.

When asked about it earlier in the offseason, Matt Nagy stated that their will be equal reps during the quarterback competition, but Mitchell Trubisky will be the one taking the first snap. Technically that would make him QB1 on the depth chart today, but that's no where near cemented. It's been described as Mitchell Trubisky's job to lose, but he is on the shortest of leashes. No one really knows how Matt Nagy truly feels about Mitchell Trubisky, but we do know that he loves Nick Foles. We also know that his boss, Ryan Pace, loves Mitch. For those reasons alone it makes me believe their will be a true competition heading into camp. I only hope that consistency is emphasized throughout the competition. Both quarterbacks need to run similar concepts, with similar personnel on the field, and get the same amount of reps. This would make the starting spot truly up for grabs.

On a recent episode of ESPN's First Take, Tarik Cohen also elaborated on the competition. He said that Nick Foles didn't just come here to ride the bench, and Mitchell Trubisky is 'his guy,' and plays best when he has that 'F it' mentality. Even the Chicago Bears fans that hate Mitchell Trubisky are willing to say that he does become a different QB during two minute drills. It's like he just stops thinking and starts playing.

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At the end of the day, this just confirms what Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace said right after the Foles signing. This move was made to create competition, but with that being said, neither are as gung hoe about Mitchell Trubisky being the starter, as they were after their season ending press conference.