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Boadway: Bears All-2010s Team – Offense

An All-2010s Bears team on the offensive side of the ball.
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This decade has not been too kind to the Bears. Their arch-rival has won a Super Bowl and the Bears have won one playoff game. It hasn’t been pretty, Bears fans, but there is light at the end of this 100-yard tunnel. There have been stars and studs on both sides of the ball for the Bears. Enough to make up a complete team, whom in their prime could pose a serious threat to the almighty Lombardi Trophy!

So who makes the cut?

Quarterback – Jay Cutler


Writing that actually gave me back pain. When the trade for Smokin’ Jay happened, I was thrilled! We finally had ourselves a competent, legitimate passer. However, when all was said and done, I wasn’t a fan of Cutty. I didn’t like his demeanor, leadership qualities and overall drive to win, but I digress. There is absolutely no denying his toughness, athleticism, skill, or numbers as listed below. He’s the Bears all-time leading passer for a reason.

Running Back – Matt Forte


This one was super easy to choose. He was an incredible back in both the run game and passing game. He was reliable and tough as nails. I was sad when he left and I will always wish he could have played his entire career as a Bear. He had over 8,600 yards on the ground and added over 4,100 yards in receiving. With 64 total touchdowns over an eight-year span with the Bears, it was obvious who I would want as the feature back of this all 2010s team.

Wide Receiver – Brandon Marshall

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The wide receiver position is definitely the most debatable one in this list, and there is no doubt that Brandon Marshall is a superb athlete. Yes, he has some off-field issues and has been known to be a problem in the locker room, but if you remove all that, he was as dynamic as receivers come. In only three years with the Bears, he posted over 3,500 receiving yards and 31 touchdowns.

Tight End – Zach Miller


To me, this decision is easy. But to some, it’s up for debate. In 33 games over the span of three seasons, Miller hauled in over 1,100 yards and 11 touchdowns. Now I know the numbers could have been better, especially if he had played the full sixteen games each season. We also didn’t get to see Miller reach his full potential with the Bears. The devastating injury in New Orleans that almost cost him his leg and possibly his life, ended what was sure to be a heroic career in blue and orange.

Center – Olin Kreutz

Photo: Icon Sports Media

Photo: Icon Sports Media

Olin barely made the cut, having played the majority of his career from 1998-2010 with the Bears. But nevertheless, there is no one I’d rather have at center than Olin Kreutz. He was the baddest man in the locker room. He is one of the toughest players to ever step foot on the gridiron and he was the definition of leadership. I would take a 40-year-old Kreutz today over half the men currently in the NFL. He was also durable and reliable. In his thirteen seasons with the Bears, he played the full sixteen games in all but three years (1998, 2000, and 2002).

Guard – Kyle Long


I know there are a plethora of offensive linemen and positions to fill here, but the center mentioned above and Kyle Long at right guard are the only two that I would bolster my offensive line around. Yes, there are more to choose from, but these two are warriors. Kyle is a freak athlete. A man that stands six feet and six inches tall and weighs over 330 lbs shouldn’t be able to move the way Kyle does. He’s insanely strong and tough, but his greatest weakness is durability. He just cannot seem to stay healthy. In his seven professional seasons, all with Chicago, he has only managed to play a full season twice (his rookie year, 2013, and 2015).

Fill in the blanks as you will, but if we’re starting an offensive roster, these are the core group of guys I want on my team. Sure, there are plenty more to choose from and the selections are up for debate as well. Let us know what you think and how you might select these players differently by voting in our Twitter polls.