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Breaking: Chicago Bears to Have Full Capacity at Soldier Field In 2021

The Bears will play in front of a full Soldier Field beginning with the preseason. The announcement brings excitement for football season.

According to Judy Batista from, the Chicago Bears should be at full capacity starting with the preseason.

This is incredible news for many reasons. Slowly but surely it seems like the country is transitioning back to some form of normalcy. Having full capacity at any stadium is a huge step in the right direction.

During the year, a few stadiums opened up and allowed fans. Some organizations/cities were letting in a fraction of the stadium capacity and some were pushing the limits, but now it looks like all of them are almost back to full capacity.

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Even though attending a sporting event seems like it's not a big deal, it is. Those few months we had without sports were rough. The time was going by so slowly and as soon as they came back the lockdown started to fly by. Now, the NFL and the Chicago Bears are taking the next step. Opening the stadium to full capacity, combined with the Bears drafting Justin Fields, should have Soldier Field absolutely rocking.

The @BearsOnTap crew cannot wait to get out to a tail gate, crack a couple beers with the fans, and enjoy the team we love the most.