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BREAKING: NFL Reveals Comp Picks; Bears Get a Nice Surprise

The Bears were informed of their comp pick in the 2020 draft today.

It's official. The NFL has released their comp picks for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Most NFL analyses predicted the Bears getting a fourth-fifth round comp pick, but the 140th overall pick is higher than everyone anticipated. They have the 12th overall comp pick (second in the fourth round), which indicates the Bears are building the roster through the draft. Last year's departure of Adrian Amos was the deciding factor in this comp pick, and the Bears have a few quality free agents set to hit the market in a week. This is the first time in a decade the Bears have received a comp pick, and it came at the perfect time. The Bears don't have their first (Raiders), third (Raiders), or fourth (Patriots) round picks. The Bears will enter the 2020 draft with 8 picks, two being in the second round.

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