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It's Absurd That Chicago Bears' Legend Dick Butkus Isn't Verified On Twitter

What else does the Hall of Famer need to do get that desired blue checkmark?
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Dick Butkus Chicago Bears Twitter

Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images

How do you get verified on Twitter nowadays? It's clearly the defining moment in people's careers and the majority of "celebrities" today are verified on Twitter and Instagram. Chicago Bears' legendary linebacker Dick Butkus isn't verified on Twitter and he's salty about it. This is far from the defining moment of his career, but what the hell Twitter?

Dick Butkus the Chicago Bears' Hall of Famer

Dick Butkus is one of the most notable names in Bears' history. The Maestro of Mayhem played nine seasons in the NFL, all with Chicago. The league selected Butkus to the Pro Bowl in all but his final year when he played in nine games.

The NFL Hall of Fame inducted Butkus in 1979 and he's is widely regarded as one of the best linebackers to ever play the position of all time. So why then, does Twitter continue this farce?

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Twitter Must be Green Bay Fans

How does a legend in the sport of football like Dick Butkus get shafted by one of the largest social media platforms? Those damn cheeseheads, that's how!

Butkus even reached out to Aaron Rodgers but warned him against ignoring his professional request. Rodgers doesn't want any of this smoke.

Dick Butkus Verified Twitter Chicago Bears

Photo: TheDickButkus/Twitter

Make sure you get on Twitter, go to Dick Butkus' profile, and follow him. Surely Bears fans have enough love for one of their heroes to propel #getbutkusverified to trending status. You know it's important to the legend himself based on all the pleading, so do the right thing... or else you're a Packers fan.