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Bears DL Justin Jones Feels Right At Home

Jones wakes up every day thinking about his responsibilities on the defensive line.
Chicago Bears Justin Jones defensive scheme press conference media

Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

When the Bears lost out on Larry Ogunjobi, head coach Matt Eberflus made a special phone call to sway Justin Jones to come to Chicago. That appears to be the right choice because according to Jones, he feels right at home with this Bears' defense.

After OTAs concluded Wednesday, reporters asked Justin Jones how his time in Chicago has been. He praised the room he's in and how the types of personalities range. He enjoys being with the Bears and seeing the young boys grow into men right in front of him.

When it comes to the Bears' defensive scheme, Jones feels like he's at home.

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"Making tackles and making plays is my game."

Justin Jones

Coming from the Chargers, Jones was the young guy in the locker room. Now he's considered a veteran but he knows the young guys want to prove themselves in practice. It's not too surprising, to Justin, to see guys go hard in practice, although it's unfortunate they got penalized for it.

When asked about the importance of the three-technique position on this defense, Jones took immediate pride in his answer.

"He's the anchor. If you don't have disruption from that position, the defense doesn't work. I like having that responsibility and wake up every day thinking about it."

Justin Jones

The Chicago Bears are in the process of getting into 'hitting shape', according to Justin Jones, and they will make sure they are ready to cause some havoc in week one.